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Crossair Flight 498 - 10 JAN 2000
Last updated: 16 October 2004
Cockpit voice recorder transcript of the January 10, 2000 crew disorientation accident involving a Crossair Saab 340B (Flight 498) near Zürich, Switzerland.
Accident details: 2000 database
Source: Investigation Report of the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau on the accident to the Saab 340B aircraft, registration HB-AKK of Crossair flight CRX 498 on 10 January 2000 near Nassenwil/ZH / Büro für Flugunfalluntersuchungen (BFU)

The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. Therefore, the CVR transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information.
Furthermore, this transcript is made available for educational purposes, so the reader is encouraged to read the accident description associated with the transcripts for better understanding of the circumstances.

CAPT = Voice identified as Captain
F/O = Voice identified as First Officer
ATC = Zürich controller
time source content
17:54:04 F/O: Cleared for take-off two eight…Crossair four niner eight
17:54:07 CAPT: Are you ready?
17:54:07 F/O: Take-off clearance
17:54:08 CAPT: Received
17:54:08 F/O: Line-up checklist completed, ready
17:54:10 CAPT: Time check
17:54:13 F/O: auto-coarsen high
17:54:15 CAPT: set take-off power
17:54:16 F/O: APR armed
17:54:18 F/O: sixty
17:54:22 F/O: take-off power is set
17:54:28 F/O: Vee one. rotate
17:54:33 CAPT: gear up
17:54:34 F/O: positive rate, gear in transit
17:54:45 CAPT: flight director on
17:54:47 F/O: flight director on
17:54:48 CAPT: arm NAV
17:54:49 F/O: LRN one is captured
17:54:52 CAPT: LRN one.. captured
17:55:03 ATC Crossair 498. Contact departure, adé
17:55:05 F/O: departure. Crossair..four niner eight.. Bye
17:55:08 F/O: calling
17:55:09 F/O: Gruezi departure ...Crossair four niner eight...crossing 2800 now
17:55:15 CAPT: aaah, CTOT / APR off
17:55:15 ATC Crossair four nine eight climb to flight level 110
17:55:18 F/O: climbing level one one zero….. Crossair four niner eight
17:55:21 F/O: one one zero confirm
17:55:22 CAPT: checked
17:55:24 CAPT: CTOT / APR off
17:55:25 F/O: coming
17:55:41 F/O: turning left to Zurich East...Crossair four niner eight
17:55:46 F/O: from present, LRN is to... Zürich East, yeah
17:55:49 CAPT: checked
17:55:50 F/O: CTOT / APR off
17:55:52 CAPT: yaw damper on
17:55:52 F/O: yaw damper engaged
17:55:53 CAPT: bleed air on
17:55:57 F/O: bleeds are on
17:56:00 CAPT: Set climb power
17:56:01 F/O: Coming (whispered)
17:56:11 F/O: turning left to Zurich East… we should left
17:56:15 CAPT: oh-na-nah…
17:56:17 ATC Crossair four nine eight, confirm you are turning left
17:56:19 F/O: moment please…
17:56:20 F/O: standby!
17:56:20 ATC OK continue right to Zurich East
17:56:22 F/O: No!
17:56:24 F/O: turning left! left! left! left!... left!
17:56:27 F/O: …oh--