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CVR transcript Surinam Airways Flight 764 - 07 JUN 1989
Last updated: 16 October 2004
Cockpit voice recorder transcript of the June 7, 1989 accident of Surinam Airways Flight 764, a Douglas DC-8 near Paramaribo (Surinam).
Source: Vlucht PY-764 de SLM vliegramp in Suriname / R. Khemradj, 1990 (p.100-104)

The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading. Therefore, the CVR transcripts should only be viewed as an investigative tool to be used in conjunction with other evidence. Conclusions or interpretations should not be made using the transcript as the sole source of information.
Furthermore, this transcript is made available for educational purposes, so the reader is encouraged to read the accident description associated with the transcripts for better understanding of the circumstances.

CAM-1 = Cockpit Area Mike - captain
CAM-2 = Cockpit Area Mike - 1st officer
CAM-3 = Cockpit Area Mike - flight engineer
GPWS = Ground Proximity Warning System
TWR = Paramaribo Tower
RDO-2 = Radio communication - 1st officer
* = expletive of unkown
source content
cam-1 Let me know when you radial's alive here.
cam-2 Okay it's alive you just keep on coming around on the thirty degrees bank there you be alright.
cam-2 Get in on up to thrity degrees.
cam-3 Two thousand fast.
cam-1 Huh?
cam-2 Two thousand, two thousand.
cam- Okay.
cam-1 You mean I went through it so we'll come back.
cam-2 Just on the one oh three radial.
cam-1 Now.
cam-2 It's a level out it's about ten degrees to the right level out now you'll be alright.
cam-2 You're on the one oh three now on the VOR.
cam-3 Is it the one oh three inbound.
cam-2 One oh three.
cam-3 Or one oh four.
cam-2 One oh three I'm sorry one oh four.
cam-1 Okay.
cam-2 One oh four.
cam-1 How far out are we.
cam-2 We got.
cam-1 How far out are we.
cam-2 Let me get back on the DME.
cam-1 Okay.
cam-2 Runway is twelve thirty.
cam-1 Okay.
- (sound of altitude alert)
cam-1 Ah *.
cam-1 I'm right on the localizer now.
cam-2 Thirteen DME.
cam-2 Runway's twelve o'clock.
cam-2 Okay.
cam-2 Twelve DME.
cam-1 Alright.
cam-2 Ah I did'nt understand you.
twr Suriname seven six four wind is calm you're cleared to land.
rdo-2 Cleared to land seven six four.
cam-2 On the localizer.
twr Do you have the runway lights in sight?
rdo-2 Affirm.
twr Roger.
cam-2 A little bit of low fog comming up I recon just a litte bit.
cam-2 Okay it's down right right there, ah close to the runway *.
cam-2 I see it.
cam-2 Glideslope's alive.
cam-1 Gear down.
- (sound of landing gear being lowered)
cam-1 * can't get that son of a * .
cam-2 Can't get it in there.
cam-1 Yeah.
cam-2 Oh well.
cam-3 I see the altimeters are set, flaps and slats we're working on.
cam-2 Twenty three on the flap.
cam-3 Gear is down and three green.
cam-3 *
cam-1 Thirtyfive.
cam-3 Spoiler lever is armed ignition is on.
cam-1 Thirtyfive.
cam-3 Final flap setting to go, Wil.
cam-1 Okay man.
cam-2 Drifting slightly left.
cam-2 That ILS is slightly off on that there indication.
- (sound of trim in motion buzzer)
- (sound of trim in motion buzzer)
cam-2 Slightly left of runway.
cam-1 If I get a capture here I'll be happy.
cam-2 On glideslope just above.
cam-1 I did'nt get no capture yet.
cam-2 No I know it I don't trust that ILS.
cam-1 There it is.
cam-2 I think you're... according to that runway you look like you're high.
cam-1 Now it's okay.
cam-2 Slightly left of runway.
cam-1 Okay.
GPWS Glide slope
cam-2 Five hundred feet.
GPWS Glide slope
GPWS Glide slope
cam-3 *
cam-1 Tell him to turn the runway lights up.
GPWS Glide slope
cam-2 Glideslope.
rdo-2 Would you put the runway lights up please?
GPWS Glide slope
cam-2 How's that.
cam-1 Tell'em to put the runway lights bright.
rdo-2 Please put the runway lights bright.
twr Right on.
cam-2 Three hundred feet.
cam-1 *
cam-2 Two hundred feet
cam-1 Okay MDA.
cam-1 I'll level it out here right here.
cam-2 One fifty.
cam-3 Pull up
- (sound of first impact)
- (sound of momentary power interuption to the CVR)
- (sound of stick shacker starts and continues unill the end of the recording)
cam-3 Pull up.
cam-3 That's it I'm dead.
- (end of recording)