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Nigerial airlines count losses to bird strike, as NCAA seeks co-ordinated action
Last updated: 11 December 2017

published: 23 MAY 2007
by Harro Ranter, ASN

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The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is seeking co-ordinated action against bird strikes.
Aerocontractors, in the last three months, spent no less than N1.36 billion to effect repairs of damage to engines caused by bird strike. Virgin Nigeria has suffered 12 bird strike incidents in 2007 alone, causing $2 million in repair costs. Director-General of the NCAA, Dr. Harold Demuren, listed ways the problem could be tackled, including the need to appoint a responsible officer at each of the nation`s airports; provide them with adequate resources; cut grasses in and around airports and eliminate farmlands/food sources from airports’ vicinities. According to Demuren, efforts should also be geared at keeping drains clean; cleaning up rubbish; scaring birds with falcons, dogs, pyrotechnics etc., as well as trapping or killing persistent pests. (Vanguard)