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Panel: Aviation safety in Israel is severely neglected
Last updated: 12 December 2017

published: 19 AUG 2007
by Harro Ranter, ASN

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The interim report of the Lapidot Committee examining the state of Civil Aviation in Israel revealed some serious safety issues. Among the main problems cited in Lapidot`s report were the poorly functioning Civil Aviation Authority and the anachronistic aviation laws in Israel. The committee advised that immediate action be taken to solve the problems at Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion Airport. The Civil Aviation Authority must be made into a strong body with the power and budget to properly oversee aviation safety. Also the Lapidot committee needs to continue to oversee the enactment of the committee`s recommendations in order to ensure that - unlike the recommendations of previous committees concerning Israeli civil aviation - these points for improvement would be carried-out. (The Jerusalem Post)