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Aircraft accident photos
Last updated: 17 August 2019

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photo of Douglas-DC-2-115A-PH-AJU
accident date: 20-12-1934
type: Douglas DC-2-115A
registration: PH-AJU
photo of Douglas-DC-2-172-NC14979
accident date: 31-05-1936
type: Douglas DC-2-172
registration: NC14979
photo of Douglas-DC-2-210-VH-UYB
accident date: 28-09-1939
type: Douglas DC-2-210
registration: VH-UYB
photo of Douglas-DC-2-200-DO-3
accident date: 07-02-1951
type: Douglas DC-2-200
registration: DO-3
photo of Douglas-DC-2-115B-ZS-DFW
accident date: 29-08-1952
type: Douglas DC-2-115B
registration: ZS-DFW

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