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Last updated: 16 January 2022

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photo of Nord-262B-11-F-BLHT
accident date: 12 Nov. 1973
type: Nord 262B-11
registration: F-BLHT
photo of Nord-262A-24-F-BNTT
accident date: 29 Dec. 1973
type: Nord 262A-24
registration: F-BNTT
photo of Nord-262A-32-F-BPNV
accident date: 14 Aug. 1975
type: Nord 262A-32
registration: F-BPNV
photo of Nord-262A-27-OY-BKR
accident date: 09 April 1977
type: Nord 262A-27
registration: OY-BKR
photo of Nord-262A-29-85
accident date: 17 Jan. 1979
type: Nord 262A-29
registration: 85
photo of Mohawk-298-F-BSTN
accident date: 12 Feb. 1979
type: Mohawk 298
registration: F-BSTN
photo of Nord-262A-33-F-BVPP
accident date: 10 March 1979
type: Nord 262A-33
registration: F-BVPP
photo of Nord-262C-62-TR-KJB
accident date: 29 Nov. 1990
type: Nord 262C-62
registration: TR-KJB
photo of Nord-262A-44-F-GBEK
accident date: 27 Jan. 1993
type: Nord 262A-44
registration: F-GBEK
photo of Nord-262D-51-78-F-RBAF
accident date: 25 Dec. 1999
type: Nord 262D-51
registration: 78/F-RBAF

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