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100 worst accidents
Last updated: 18 November 2017

List of the 100 worst aviation occurrences (including criminal occurrences), excluding ground fatalities, including collision fatalities.

fat. date type registration operator location pic cat
dst 11-SEP-2001Boeing 767-223ER N334AA American Airlines USA H1
dst 11-SEP-2001Boeing 767-222 N612UA United Airlines USA H1
dst 12-AUG-1985Boeing 747SR-46 JA8119 JAL Japan A1
dst 03-MAR-1974DC-10-10 TC-JAV THY France A1
dst 27-MAR-1977Boeing 747-121 N736PA Pan Am Spain A1
dst 23-JUN-1985Boeing 747-237B VT-EFO Air-India Atlantic Ocean C1
dst 12-NOV-1996Boeing 747-168B HZ-AIH Saudi Arabian India A1
dst 19-AUG-1980Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 200 HZ-AHK Saudi Arabian Saudi Arabia A1
dst 17-JUL-2014Boeing 777-2H6ER 9M-MRD Malaysia Airlines Ukraine C1
dst 03-JUL-1988Airbus A300B2-203 EP-IBU Iran Air Indian Ocean C1
dst 19-FEB-2003Ilyushin Il-76MD 15-2280 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Iran A1
dst 25-MAY-1979DC-10-10 N110AA American Airlines USA A1
dst 21-DEC-1988Boeing 747-121A N739PA Pan Am U.K. C1
dst 01-SEP-1983Boeing 747-230B HL7442 KAL Pacific Ocean C1
dst 12-NOV-2001Airbus A300B4-605R N14053 American Airlines USA A1
dst 26-APR-1994Airbus A300B4-622R B-1816 China Airlines Japan A1
dst 11-JUL-1991DC-8-61 C-GMXQ Nationair, op.for Nigeria Airways Saudi Arabia A1
dst 28-NOV-1979DC-10-30 ZK-NZP Air New Zealand Antarctica A1
dst 12-DEC-1985DC-8-63CF N950JW Arrow Air Canada A1
dst 27-MAR-1977Boeing 747-206B PH-BUF KLM Spain A1
dst 08-MAR-2014Boeing 777-2H6ER 9M-MRO Malaysia Airlines Indian Ocean A1
w/o 08-JAN-1996Antonov An-32B RA-26222 Moscow Airlines, op.for African Air D.R. Congo A1
dst 26-SEP-1997Airbus A300B4-220 PK-GAI Garuda Indonesia A1
dst 17-JUL-1996Boeing 747-131 N93119 TWA USA A1
dst 02-SEP-1998MD-11 HB-IWF Swissair Canada A1
dst 01-JUN-2009Airbus A330-203 F-GZCP Air France Atlantic Ocean A1
dst 06-AUG-1997Boeing 747-3B5 HL7468 Korean Air Guam A1
dst 25-MAY-2002Boeing 747-209B B-18255 China Airlines Pacific Ocean A1
dst 31-OCT-2015Airbus A321-231 EI-ETJ Metrojet Egypt C1
dst 26-MAY-1991Boeing 767-3Z9ER OE-LAV Lauda Air Thailand A1
dst 31-OCT-1999Boeing 767-366ER SU-GAP EgyptAir Atlantic Ocean C1
dst 01-JAN-1978Boeing 747-237B VT-EBD Air-India India A1
dst 16-FEB-1998Airbus A300B4-622R B-1814 China Airlines Taiwan A1
dst 10-JUL-1985Tupolev Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85311 Aeroflot / Uzbekistan Uzbekistan   A1
dst 17-JUL-2007Airbus A320-233 PR-MBK TAM Brasil Brazil A1
dst 04-DEC-1974Douglas DC-8-55F PH-MBH Martinair Holland Sri Lanka A1
dst 11-SEP-2001Boeing 757-223 N644AA American Airlines USA H1
dst 06-FEB-1996Boeing 757-225 TC-GEN Birgenair, op.for Alas Nacionales Atlantic Ocean A1
dst 03-AUG-1975Boeing 707-321C JY-AEE Alia Morocco A1
dst 09-MAY-1987Ilyushin Il-62M SP-LBG LOT Poland A1
dst 15-NOV-1978DC-8-63CF TF-FLA Loftleidir Sri Lanka A1
dst 27-NOV-1983Boeing 747-283B HK-2910 Avianca Spain A1
dst 01-DEC-1981DC-9-81 (MD-81) YU-ANA Inex-Adria Aviopromet France A1
dst 11-OCT-1984Tupolev Tu-154B-1 CCCP-85243 Aeroflot / East Siberia Russia   A1
dst 07-JUN-1989DC-8-62 N1809E Surinam Airways Suriname A1
dst 22-JAN-1973Boeing 707-3D3C JY-ADO Alia, op.for Nigeria Airways Nigeria A1
dst 13-OCT-1972Ilyushin Il-62 CCCP-86671 Aeroflot / International Russia   A1
dst 19-SEP-1989DC-10-30 N54629 UTA Niger C1
dst 22-AUG-2006Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85185 Pulkovo Ukraine A1
dst 30-JAN-2000Airbus A310-304 5Y-BEN Kenya Airways Cote d'Ivoire A1
dst 15-JUL-2009Tupolev Tu-154M EP-CPG Caspian Airlines Iran A1
dst 28-SEP-1992Airbus A300B4-203 AP-BCP PIA Nepal A1
dst 31-MAR-1986Boeing 727-264 XA-MEM Mexicana Mexico   A1
dst 08-JUL-1980Tupolev Tu-154B-2 CCCP-85355 Aeroflot / Kazakstan Kazakhstan   A1
dst 28-DEC-2014Airbus A320-216 PK-AXC Indonesia AirAsia Indonesia A1
dst 30-JUL-1971Boeing 727-281 JA8329 All Nippon Japan   A1
dst 06-JUN-1994Tupolev Tu-154M B-2610 China Northwest China A1
dst 16-AUG-2005DC-9-82 (MD-82) HK-4374X West Caribbean Airways Venezuela A1
dst 20-DEC-1995Boeing 757-223 N651AA American Airlines Colombia A1
dst 03-JUN-2012DC-9-83 (MD-83) 5N-RAM Dana Air Nigeria A1
dst 26-SEP-1992Lockheed C-130H Hercules NAF911 Nigerian AF Nigeria A1
dst 28-NOV-1987Boeing 747-244B ZS-SAS South African Airways Indian Ocean A1
dst 22-MAY-2010Boeing 737-8HG (WL) VT-AXV Air India Express India A1
dst 22-DEC-1992Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIA Libyan Arab Airlines Libya A1
dst 26-NOV-1979Boeing 707-340C AP-AWZ PIA Saudi Arabia A1
dst 14-AUG-1972Ilyushin Il-62 DM-SEA Interflug Germany   A1
dst 16-AUG-1987DC-9-82 (MD-82) N312RC Northwest Airlines USA A1
dst 12-MAY-1968Lockheed C-130B Hercules 60-0297 USAF Vietnam   C1
dst 04-APR-1975Lockheed C-5A Galaxy 68-0218 USAF Vietnam   A1
dst 03-DEC-1972Convair CV-990 EC-BZR Spantax Spain A1
dst 16-MAR-1969DC-9-32 YV-C-AVD AVENSA, op.for VIASA Venezuela A1
dst 29-SEP-2006Boeing 737-8EH PR-GTD Gol Brazil A1
dst 20-AUG-2008DC-9-82 (MD-82) EC-HFP Spanair Spain A1
dst 19-SEP-1976Boeing 727-2F2 TC-JBH THY Turkey A1
dst 09-JUL-1982Boeing 727-235 N4737 Pan Am USA A1
dst 30-JUN-2009Airbus A310-324 7O-ADJ Yemenia Airways Comoros A1
dst 28-JUL-2010Airbus A321-231 AP-BJB Airblue Pakistan A1
dst 03-SEP-1989Ilyushin Il-62M CU-T1281 Cubana Cuba A1
dst 24-MAR-2015Airbus A320-211 D-AIPX Germanwings France C1
dst 05-SEP-2005Boeing 737-230 PK-RIM Mandala Airlines Indonesia A1
w/o 04-MAY-2002BAC One-Eleven 525FT 5N-ESF EAS Airlines Nigeria A1
dst 03-JAN-2004Boeing 737-3Q8 SU-ZCF Flash Airlines Egypt A1
dst 19-FEB-1985Boeing 727-256 EC-DDU Iberia Spain A1
dst 25-APR-1980Boeing 727-46 G-BDAN Dan-Air Services Spain A1
dst 04-JUL-2001Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85845 Vladivostokavia Russia A1
dst 08-FEB-1989Boeing 707-331B N7231T Independent Air Portugal A1
dst 07-NOV-1996Boeing 727-231 5N-BBG ADC Airlines Nigeria A1
dst 17-MAR-1988Boeing 727-21 HK-1716 Avianca Colombia A1
dst 23-AUG-2000Airbus A320-212 A4O-EK Gulf Air Bahrain A1
dst 25-SEP-1978Boeing 727-214 N533PS PSA USA A1
dst 24-NOV-1992Boeing 737-3Y0 B-2523 China Southern China A1
dst 18-DEC-1995Lockheed L-188C Electra 9Q-CRR Trans Service Airlift Angola A1
dst 25-DEC-2003Boeing 727-223 3X-GDO UTA Benin A1
dst 29-AUG-1996Tupolev Tu-154M RA-85621 Vnukovo Airlines Norway A1
dst 30-JUN-2015Lockheed C-130B Hercules A-1310 Indonesian AF Indonesia A1
dst 08-JUN-1982Boeing 727-212 PP-SRK VASP Brazil A1
dst 05-OCT-1991Lockheed C-130H-30 Hercules A-1324 Indonesian AF Indonesia   A1
dst 02-AUG-1985Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 N726DA Delta Air Lines USA A1
dst 19-OCT-1988Boeing 737-2A8 VT-EAH Indian Airlines India   A1
dst 04-FEB-1966Boeing 727-81 JA8302 All Nippon Japan   A1