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Last updated: 20 October 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg  
14-MAY-2001 Air Tractor AT-602 N50997 Brandon Air Inc. 0 Dunlap, TN w/o
21-MAY-2004 Air Tractor AT-602 N5013C Quinn Aviation Inc. 0 Brookland, AR sub
19-MAY-2005 Air Tractor AT-602 N9017Z Mcadoo Flying Service 1 Ralls, TX w/o
22-OCT-2005 Air Tractor AT-602 VH-NIT 1 Ballidu, WA w/o
15-APR-2006 Air Tractor AT-602 N5003E H&P Flying Service Inc 1 Meridian, MS w/o
15-APR-2008 Air Tractor AT-602 N602AA US Department of Defense 1 near Colorado 115, Fort Carson, COlorado w/o
20-APR-2008 Air Tractor AT-602 N8517M Alaska Aviation 0 Paragould, RI sub
02-JAN-2009 Air Tractor AT-602 N5013C Quinn Aviation 1 12 miles from Philadelphia, MS sub
09-APR-2010 Air Tractor AT-602 N51037 Boyle Flying Service, Inc 0 Ruleville, MS sub
07-JUN-2010 Air Tractor AT-602 N4184P Air Tractor Inc. 1 East of Clay County Road 250, near Knobel, AR sub
26-JUL-2011 Air Tractor AT-602 N8525L Sturdivant Brothers Flying Service 1 A remote field near Minter City in northwest Leflore County, MS sub
17-AUG-2011 Air Tractor AT-602 N8518Y Top Hat Aerial Applicators Inc. 0 West of Pine Bluffs, WY sub
23-MAY-2013 Air Tractor AT-602 N583LA Red River Agviation Inc 0 Near East Texas Regional Airport - KGGG, Longview, TX sub
19-FEB-2014 Air Tractor AT-602 N5035R Richard Flying Service 0 Church Point, LA sub
27-MAY-2014 Air Tractor AT-602 N602RR Klondike Aviation LLC 1 South of Gueydan, Vermilion parish, Louisiana sub
01-JUL-2014 Air Tractor AT-602 N91331 Shannon Agricurltural Flying 1 Clarksdale, Mississippi w/o
05-FEB-2015 Air Tractor AT-602 N602PB Frontier Ag Inc 0 South of Slaton Municipal Airport (F49), Slaton, Texas sub
27-MAR-2015 Air Tractor AT-602 N20062 Pro Agri Spraying Service 0 Ropesville, Texas sub
04-JUN-2015 Air Tractor AT-602 N5035R Richard Flying Service Inc 0 Near Mid South Flying Service Landing Strip, Branch, LA sub
01-AUG-2015 Air Tractor AT-602 N6007N Private 1 Eastern Ashley County, near Wilmot, AR sub
26-AUG-2015 Air Tractor AT-602 N3026R Farm Brothers Flyers A LLC 0 Near Pine Bluff, Jefferson County east of Griderfield, AR sub
07-JUL-2016 Air Tractor AT-602 N967JB Bootheel Ag Air Services LLC 1 Dunklin County NE of Kennett, MO w/o
28-JUL-2016 Air Tractor AT-602 N2033N Emrich Aerial Spraying 1 Butler County NE of David City, NE w/o
27-DEC-2016 Air Tractor AT-602 N602L Private 0 Willows-Glenn County Airport (KWLW), Willows, CA sub
19-MAR-2017 Air Tractor AT-602 N2049D Sturdivant Brothers Flying Service Inc 1 Leflore/Tallahatchie County, Minter City, MS w/o
28-APR-2017 Air Tractor AT-602 N604RH Private 1 Hollis Municipal Airport (O35), Hollis, OK w/o
29-JUN-2017 Air Tractor AT-602 N4196Y Wilbur Ellis Co 1 8 miles west of Gwinner, Sargent County, SD w/o
08-JUL-2017 Air Tractor AT-602 N4257R Quad Rabbit Inc 1 Craighead County, Cash, AR sub