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Last updated: 18 November 2017
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
15-AUG-2007 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N557SX private 1 Bonham, TX sub
28-DEC-2007 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N365SX 0 Murrieta, CA sub
25-MAR-2009 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N1006N Private 0 Meridian Vineyards near Paso Robles, California sub
25-APR-2009 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N692RM Private 1 Stark County, Ohio sub
24-JUN-2009 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N604X Private 0 Near Mena, Arkansas sub
14-NOV-2009 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N10DA private 1 Near the Burnet Municipal Airport (KNMQ), TX sub
27-JUN-2010 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N363SX Private 0 Charlotte County Airport (KPGD), Punta Gorda, Florida sub
15-JAN-2011 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N926AR Private 0 Near Sango unk
15-MAR-2011 Sonex Aircraft Sonex ZK-VDB. Private 0 Dargaville Aerodrome, Northland. sub
28-JUN-2011 Sonex Aircraft Sonex LN-YKE Private 0 Near Hokksund in Buskerud County sub
02-JUL-2011 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N6PX Private 1 Near Tom B. David Field - KCZL, Calhoun, GA sub
06-SEP-2012 Sonex Aircraft Sonex 0 Near Whifferdill Airport - TN77, Chapmansboro, TN mis
16-OCT-2012 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N198PC Private 0 Crossville Memorial Whitson Field - KCSV, TN sub
26-MAY-2013 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N634SX Private 0 Canal near Fiddler's Golf Course, Marco Island, FL sub
06-SEP-2013 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N293SX Private 0 Waxhaw, Union County, NC sub
05-OCT-2013 Sonex Aircraft Sonex 1 Alegrete , Rio Grande do Sul w/o
17-FEB-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N732SX Private 1 Next to Wellington Aero Club Airport (FD38), Wellington, FL w/o
22-MAR-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex CC-PJA private 0 Vitacura, Mapocho river min
05-APR-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N229P Private 1 Pruitt Trailhead, Withlacoochee State Forest, NE of Brooksville, FL sub
07-APR-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex 19-4647 Private 0 Ingham Airport (YIGM), Ingham, QLD sub
20-OCT-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N91922 Private 1 West of Big Bear City Airport (L35), Big Bear City, CA sub
26-OCT-2014 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N244HB Private 1 Macoupin County, SE of Plainview, Hillyard, IL sub
06-MAY-2015 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N683DB Private 0 Kendallville Municipal Airport (C62), Kendallville, IN min
02-JUN-2015 Sonex Aircraft Sonex Sport Acro N123SX Sonex Aircraft LLC 2 East of Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH), Oshkosh, WI sub
08-JUL-2015 Sonex Aircraft Sonex 19-7093 Private 1 Lethbridge Airpark (YLED), Lethbridge, VC unk
16-AUG-2015 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N638DB Private 0 LaGrange County, NW of Wolcottville, IN unk
28-FEB-2017 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N315AL Private 1 Essex County, Methuen, MA w/o
22-APR-2017 Sonex Sonex N212AG Private 0 South of Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO), Leesburg, VA sub
03-JUN-2017 Sonex Sonex N255BZ Private 0 Whitman County, Garfield, WA sub
24-JUL-2017 Sonex Aircraft Sonex N695VW McAllister A J Trustee 0 Highway 36 near Harbins Rd, northeast of Atlanta, GA min