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Last updated: 29 July 2021
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
16-JAN-2009 Airbus A320-214 XA-JCV Interjet 0 Guadalajara min
27-JAN-2009 Airbus A320-214 VP-BZO Aeroflot 0 Moscow-Sheremetyevo (SVO) non
01-FEB-2009 Airbus A320-232 IndiGo Airlines 0 Delhi-Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) non
19-FEB-2009 Airbus A320-200 TC-OGJ Atlasjet 0 Istanbul Ataturk Airport min
02-MAR-2009 Airbus A320-214 I-EEZG Eurofly Roma-Fiumicino Airport (FCO/LIRF) non
27-MAR-2009 Airbus A320-200 China Southern Airlines 0 Dayong non
22-APR-2009 Airbus A320-232 G-EUUX British Airways 0 London-Heathrow (LHR) min
04-MAY-2009 Airbus A320-211 N311US Northwest Airlines 0 Denver International Airport, CO (DEN) sub contains link to final investigation report
16-MAY-2009 Airbus A320-200 Turkish Airlines 0 Konya unk
29-MAY-2009 Airbus A320-214 9H-AEN Air Malta 0 Luqa Airport min
10-JUN-2009 Airbus A320-214 EC-LAJ IberWorld 0 Gran Canaria unk
11-JUN-2009 Airbus A320 Aeroflot 0 Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo Airport (OVB/UNNN) min
17-JUN-2009 Airbus A320-233 LV-BET 0 Ministro Pistarini -Ezeiza (SAEZ), BA min contains link to final investigation report
10-JUL-2009 Airbus A320-232 N606JB Jetblue Airways 0 Fort Myers, Florida non contains link to final investigation report
01-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-211 EI-DFO Windjet Parma Airport (PMF/LIMP) min
01-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-232 N588JB Jet Blue Orlando Florida sub
02-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-232 PH-AAY Amsterdam Airlines 0 Maastricht/Aachen Airport (MST/EHBK) min contains link to final investigation report
05-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-211 EC-ICQ Vueling (Clickair c/s) Paris min
06-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-212 YL-LCF Travel Service Brno - International Airport Tuřany non
23-AUG-2009 Airbus A320-232 G-MIDX bmi British Midland 0 Faro non
01-SEP-2009 Airbus A320-212 LZ-BHC BH Air, opf. Air Vallée 0 Verona Airport (VRN) sub contains link to final investigation report
03-OCT-2009 Airbus A320 Air India 0 over Pakistan non
21-OCT-2009 Airbus A320-212 N374NW Northwest Airlines 0 near Minneapolis, MN non
22-OCT-2009 Airbus A320-232 N497UA United Airlines Denver International Airport sub
24-OCT-2009 Airbus A320-214 A6-ABB Air Arabia 0 Athens min
27-OCT-2009 Airbus A320-232 VH-VQU Jetstar Airways 0 Newcastle-Williamtown Airport, NSW (NTL/YWLM) min
04-NOV-2009 Airbus A320-232 TC-JPA Turkish Airlines 0 Istanbul (IST) min
30-NOV-2009 Airbus A320-200 Tam Linhas Aereas initial climb in Rio de Janeiro/Galeăo - Antonio Carlos Jobim Internat min
29-DEC-2009 Airbus A320-232 N645JB JetBlue Airways 0 near Bermuda over Atlantic Ocean non
29-DEC-2009 Airbus A320-232 UR-WUB Wizz Air Ukraine 0 Kyiv International Airport (UKKK) sub
28-JAN-2010 Airbus A320-233 XA-VOM VOLARIS Tijuana unk
12-FEB-2010 Airbus A320-231 N332MX Mexicana de Aviacion 0 North of Little Rock, AR unk
25-FEB-2010 Airbus A320-214 VP-BWM Aeroflot 0 Oslo/Gardermoen International Airport non contains link to final investigation report
12-MAR-2010 Airbus A320-214 XA-IJA Aerolineas ABC (Interjet) Toluca Mexico non
05-APR-2010 Airbus A320-232 N535JB JetBlue Airways 0 Newark-Liberty International Airport, NJ (EWR/KEWR) min contains link to final investigation report
25-APR-2010 Airbus A320-214 A6-AB. Air Arabia 0 Karachi-Jinnah International Airport (KHI/OPKC) unk
23-MAY-2010 Airbus A320-214 SU-LBJ Lotus Air 0 Torino sub
20-JUL-2010 Airbus A320-214 Aljazeera Airways 0 Sharm Elshiekh non
14-AUG-2010 Airbus A320-232 N4..UA United Airlines 0 Chicago O'Hare, IL (ORD) non
26-AUG-2010 Airbus A320-232 N590JB JetBlue Airways 0 Sacramento International Airport (KSMF), CA min
06-SEP-2010 Airbus A320 TAM Airlines 0 Belo Horizonte - Confins (CNF) non
16-SEP-2010 Airbus A320-214 N122US US Airways 0 near Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport non
10-DEC-2010 Airbus A320-214 LZ-FBE Bulgaria Air 0 Sofia-Vrazhdebna Airport (SOF/LBSF) min
10-JAN-2011 Airbus A320-216 9M-AHH AirAsia 0 Kuching Airport (KCH) sub
19-FEB-2011 Airbus A320-232 N706JB Jetblue Airways Corp 0 North Fayston, VT non contains link to final investigation report
05-MAR-2011 Airbus A320-214 OH-LXL Finnair 0 over Island of Öland non
09-MAR-2011 Airbus A320-214 RP-C3223 Philippine Airlines 0 Zamboanga City min
20-MAR-2011 Airbus A320-214 B-2400 China Eastern Airlines 0 Wenzhou Longwan International Airport (WNZ/ZSWZ) min
27-MAR-2011 Airbus A320-214 EC-JFH Vueling 0 Near Naples, Italy non
04-APR-2011 Airbus A320-232 N409UA United Airlines 0 New Orleans-Louis Armstrong International Airport, LA (MSY/KMSY) min
20-APR-2011 Airbus A320-211 EC-GRH Vueling Airlines 0 Seville Airport min contains link to final investigation report
25-APR-2011 Airbus A320-214 HB-IJH Swiss International Airlines 0 London Heathrow Airport, Hounslow, Middlesex min
06-JUN-2011 Airbus A320-214 VT-WAM GoAir 0 New Delhi unk
07-JUN-2011 Airbus A320-232 VH-VNG Tiger Airways Australia 0 17km ENE Melbourne International Airport non contains link to final investigation report
20-JUN-2011 Airbus A320-212 CS-TKJ SATA International 0 Madeira (LPMA) min
11-JUL-2011 Airbus A320 Sénégal Airlines 0 Bamako Airport (BKO/GABS) min
16-AUG-2011 Airbus A320-211 EI-DFN Windjet Catania non
25-AUG-2011 Airbus A320-214 5A-ONK Afriqiyah Airways 0 Tripoli International Airport (TIP) sub
29-AUG-2011 Airbus A320-214 A9C-AG Gulf Air 0 Cochin International Airport (COK) min contains link to final investigation report
16-OCT-2011 Airbus A320-232 G-EUYF British Airways 0 near Hehlingen (HLZ VOR) non
21-OCT-2011 Airbus A320-211 D-AIQD Lufthansa 0 Overhead Lac Leman at FL360, about 80nm southwest of Zurich non
25-OCT-2011 Airbus A320-214 D-AIZG Lufthansa 0 Perm non
  -OCT-2011 Airbus A320 0 non
10-NOV-2011 Airbus A320-211 N331NW Delta Air Lines 0 near Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, MN (MSP) sub
24-NOV-2011 Airbus A320 9V-... SilkAir 0 Singapore Changi Airport - WSSS non
30-NOV-2011 Airbus A320-232 HA-LPV Wizz Air 0 Bucharest-Baneasa Airport (BBU/LRBS) min contains link to final investigation report
08-JAN-2012 Airbus A320-214 PR-MHX TAM Airlines 0 Belém/Val-de-Căes International Airport , PA (BEL/SBBE) min
03-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-214 F-GKXE Air France 0 Toulouse min
05-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-211 JA8384 All Nippon 0 Sendai Airport (SDJ) sub contains link to final investigation report
07-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-214 G-DHJZ Thomas Cook Airlines 0 Belfast International Airport (BFS/EGAA), Aldergrove, Belfast non
07-FEB-2012 Airbus A320 -231 PK-YVE Batavia Air 0 Jayapura Sentani Airport - WAJJ/DJJ min
12-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-232 PR-MAR TAM Brasil 0 Porto Alegre-Salgado Filho International Airport, RS (POA) non
13-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-233 LV-BGI LAN Argentina 0 Buenos Aires-Jorge Newbery Airport, BA (AEP/SABE) min contains link to final investigation report
13-FEB-2012 Airbus A320-214 RP-C3227 Airphil Express 0 Kalibo Airport (KLO) min
10-MAR-2012 Airbus A320-211 TS-IMD Tunisair 0 Djerba-Zarzis Airport (DJE/DTTJ) min
12-MAR-2012 Airbus A320-231 PK-YVE Batavia Air 0 Balikpapan-Sepingan Airport - BPN/WALL non
27-MAR-2012 Airbus A320-232 N796JB JetBlue 0 Amarillo-Rick Husband International Airport, TX (AMA/KAMA) non
28-MAR-2012 Airbus A320-211 F-GJVA Air France 0 Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport (HAM/EDDH) non contains link to final investigation report
10-APR-2012 Airbus A320-214 RP-C3264 Cebu Pacific Air 0 Puerto Princesa International Airport - PPS/RPVP min
10-APR-2012 Airbus A320-232 RP-C8994 Zest Air 0 Puerto Princesa International Airport - PPS/RPVP min
22-APR-2012 Airbus A320-214 A6-ABS Air Arabia 0 5nm west of Dubai International Airport (DXB) non contains link to final investigation report
10-MAY-2012 Airbus A320-232 G-EUYL British Airways 0 Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport (IST/LTBA) min
17-MAY-2012 Airbus A320-214 SP-IAE OLT Express 0 over SW Romania min
19-MAY-2012 Airbus A320-214 PR-MYP TAM 0 Natal-Augusto Severo International Airport, RN (NAT/SBNT) min
06-JUN-2012 Airbus A320-231 SU-GBG Egypt Air 0 Nairobi-Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO/HKNA) unk
11-JUN-2012 Airbus A320-214 PR-MHN TAM Airlines 0 Brasília-Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, DF (BS non
17-JUN-2012 Airbus A320-232 N552JB JetBlue Airways 0 near McCarran Intl. Airport - LAS/KLAS, Las Vegas, NV non contains link to final investigation report
20-JUN-2012 Airbus A320-232 ZK-OJQ Air New Zealand 0 Auckland International Airport (AKL/NZAA) min contains link to final investigation report
16-JUL-2012 Airbus A320-232 VH-VQA Jetstar 0 Queenstown non
18-JUL-2012 Airbus A320-214 VQ-BCG Vladivostok-Avia 0 Irkutsk Airport non
27-JUL-2012 Airbus A320-233 XA-VON Volaris 0 Morelia non
17-AUG-2012 Airbus A320-231 S5-AAS Adria Airways 0 Rhodes non
29-AUG-2012 Airbus A320 EC-KDG Vueling 0 Berlin min
29-AUG-2012 Airbus A320-214 EC-LML Vueling Airlines 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS/EHAM) non
20-SEP-2012 Airbus A320-232 YK-AKF Syrianair 0 over Duma sub
25-SEP-2012 Airbus A320-232 P4-XAS Air Astana 0 Istanbul-Atatürk International Airport (IST/LTBA) sub
01-OCT-2012 Airbus A320 China Eastern Airlines 0 Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport - RCTP min
05-OCT-2012 Airbus A320-232 9V-TRG Tiger Airways 0 Singapore-Changi International Airport (SIN/WSSS) min contains link to final investigation report
29-OCT-2012 Airbus A320-214 VP-BKY Aeroflot 0 Krasnodar International Airport min
11-NOV-2012 Airbus A320-214 CS-TNL TAP Air Portugal 0+1 Rome Fiumicino airport sub

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