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Last updated: 09 July 2020
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
03-MAR-1975 Beechcraft D18S N311D Smb Stage Line 1 Dodge City, KS w/o
06-MAR-1975 Beechcraft G18S N6614B Semo Aviation 1 near Troy, AL w/o
06-MAR-1975 Beechcraft E18S N54N Bob Kilpatrick 1 Wheeling, IL sub
31-MAR-1975 Beechcraft 18 N62411 private 0 near Laguna Luruaco w/o
01-APR-1975 Beechcraft E18S N140J Burlington Ai* 1 Argos, In w/o
03-MAY-1975 Beechcraft D18S N64R Private 0 Jalisco w/o
07-MAY-1975 Beechcraft H18 Tri Gear PK-BIB Indoavia Kaimana sub
15-MAY-1975 Beechcraft E18S N23XY 1 Salisbury, Md w/o
26-MAY-1975 Beechcraft D18S N177V 1 near Lamesa, TX w/o
28-MAY-1975 Beechcraft E18S N29N Eureka Aero I* 1 near Claude, TX w/o
25-JUN-1975 Beechcraft C-45 FAC505 Fuerza Aérea Colombiana 0 near Tena, Napo w/o
26-JUN-1975 Beechcraft E18S N791A Hamilton Aviation 2 Toledo, OH w/o
27-JUN-1975 Beechcraft E18S N791A Hamilton Aviation Toledo, OH unk
02-JUL-1975 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N9911Z Southern Avia* 2 Tulsa, OK w/o
04-AUG-1975 Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan Türk Hava Kuvvetleri 3 Kayseri w/o
08-AUG-1975 Beechcraft D18S N80006 Bush Aviation 3 20-15n 73-37w w/o
12-SEP-1975 Beechcraft UC-45F Expeditor 2826 Força Aérea Brasileira (FAB) w/o
01-OCT-1975 Beechcraft E18S N882L Greenville Air 1 Charlotte, NC w/o
28-OCT-1975 Beechcraft E18S N5657D 2 mis
24-DEC-1975 Beechcraft E18S N7010 S S Airways In 2 Kansas City, Mo w/o
24-DEC-1975 Beechcraft D18S N91A Balbo Air,Inc. 1 Bloserville, PA w/o
10-JAN-1976 Beechcraft TC-45G N9907Z Private 0 El Vado, NM w/o
03-FEB-1976 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N3329G Falcon Airways 2 near Lafayette, LA w/o
11-FEB-1976 Beechcraft H18 N1900G Flight Service 1 Pacific Ocean w/o
01-MAR-1976 Beechcraft E18S N386 Burlington Air 1 Burlington, WI w/o
06-MAR-1976 Beechcraft E18S N4277B Swift Air Char 0 Shafter, TX w/o
21-MAR-1976 Beechcraft D18S N39U Private 0 Woodland, CA w/o
23-APR-1976 Beechcraft D18S YV-808P unk
18-MAY-1976 Beechcraft D18S N5302U 1 Mcallen, TX w/o
31-MAY-1976 Beechcraft G18S N174YC 7 West Chicago, IL w/o
09-JUL-1976 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N34CB Bard Air Freig 1 Detroit, MI w/o
01-SEP-1976 Beechcraft E18S N1052N Ortner Air Tax 2 near Covington, TN w/o
15-SEP-1976 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N3505G Open Air Inter 2 near W Palm Beach, FL w/o
08-OCT-1976 Beechcraft D18S N587CP Private 0 Buckeye, Az w/o
19-NOV-1976 Beechcraft D18S XA-POP Servicios Aéreos Cora SA 8 Huaynamota, DUR w/o
19-NOV-1976 Beechcraft D18S N2050D Midwest Air Cr 0 Sachse, TX w/o
23-DEC-1976 Beechcraft 18 A2-AOS African Overland Safaris Johannesburg, Lanseria w/o
28-DEC-1976 Beechcraft 18 N3128B private Cairo, IL unk
11-JAN-1977 Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor near Durango w/o
16-JAN-1977 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N9497Z private 2 Sonoma Sky Park, CA unk
14-FEB-1977 Beechcraft D18S N32LD private 0 Covington, KY unk
14-FEB-1977 Beechcraft D18S N321D Johnston Airwa 0 Covington, Ky w/o
19-FEB-1977 Beechcraft D18S N762D 1 Mc Allen, TX w/o
18-MAR-1977 Beechcraft 18 N9929Z private Kenosha, MI unk
28-MAY-1977 Beechcraft C-45G Expeditor N6065V Private 0 Beatty, Nv w/o
03-JUN-1977 Beechcraft E18S N68A 1 Springfield, OH sub
05-AUG-1977 Beechcraft C-45G Expeditor N2853G Jon W Myers 0 Kasilof, AK w/o
11-AUG-1977 Beechcraft H18 C-GWUY private 6 near Wrangell, AK w/o
17-AUG-1977 Beechcraft 18 N75FA Flight Express 0 Coraopolis, PA unk
20-AUG-1977 Beechcraft G18S N273V 1 near Aero Oasis Apt, FL w/o
22-AUG-1977 Beechcraft E18S N979SB Air Fast Frght 2 Catalina Island, CA w/o
25-AUG-1977 Beechcraft SNB-5 N338A Charles A. Enea 0 Youngstown Executive Airport, OH sub
31-AUG-1977 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N125TF Johnston Airwa 0 Ypsilanti, MI w/o
04-SEP-1977 Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor N4111A 1 Richmond, In sub
01-OCT-1977 Beechcraft E18S N5601D Blackhawk Airw 0 near Plymouth, In w/o
05-OCT-1977 Beechcraft 18 PT-KXO private 0 Bridgetown w/o
25-OCT-1977 Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor C-FPCK private 1 Snow Lake, MB unk
19-NOV-1977 Beechcraft D18 N270QS Crawfish Impor 0 Orlando, FL w/o
17-DEC-1977 Beechcraft C-45G Expeditor N2874G Statewide Air 0 Honolulu, Hi w/o
11-FEB-1978 Beechcraft D18S N80FA C & M Aircraft Parts & Salvage Company 2 Clewiston, FL w/o
16-FEB-1978 Beechcraft C-45 N..... 0 near Nazareth w/o
17-FEB-1978 Beechcraft E18S N180X Flight Express Harrisburg, PA unk
02-MAR-1978 Beechcraft B18G N180P Wyman Pilot Se 0 Rockingham, NC w/o
14-MAR-1978 Beechcraft D18 N427Q Wyman Pilot Se 2 Whitelake, MI w/o
25-MAR-1978 Beechcraft H18 N58JM Astro Airways 3 Centreville, IL w/o
30-APR-1978 Beechcraft D18S N800WM 2 near Ocala, FL w/o
02-MAY-1978 Beechcraft UC-45J N94460 Sizer Airways 1 near Spiritwood, Nd w/o
03-MAY-1978 Hamilton Westwind (Beechcraft 18T) 5Y-ASF Caspair 400 miles west of Khartoum w/o
19-JUN-1978 Beechcraft 18 N10VT Great Western 0 Windsor Locks, Ct w/o
05-JUL-1978 Beechcraft G18S N807P P.C.D. Corp 0 Mc Allen, TX w/o
09-JUL-1978 Beechcraft 18 HK-2114-X Lineas Aéreas Orientales (LAOS) 2 Espinal w/o
17-JUL-1978 Beechcraft E18S HK-1418 0 Barranquilla (BAQ) sub
19-JUL-1978 Beechcraft 18 N..... 1+4 near El Retén (Magdalena) w/o
08-AUG-1978 Beechcraft D18S N79R Blackhawk Air* 0 Chicago, IL w/o
01-SEP-1978 Beechcraft E18S N58H Brennan And Ha 0 Latham, NY w/o
12-SEP-1978 Beechcraft G18S N948Q Private 0 near Nnassau w/o
13-SEP-1978 Beechcraft E18S HK-1850 Aeroservicios Especiales de Colombia 0 Providencia Island w/o
26-SEP-1978 Beechcraft D18S N500L Air Caribbean 6 Barrio Obrero, San Juan w/o
11-OCT-1978 Beechcraft G18 N11Z Wyman Pilot Se 0 Cleveland, OH w/o
03-NOV-1978 Beechcraft D18S N80369 0 near Flint, MI w/o
16-NOV-1978 Beechcraft G18S N901PC Festus Flying 2 Hays, KS w/o
20-NOV-1978 Beechcraft H18 N204CC Larry Johnson 1 Brownsville, TX w/o
19-DEC-1978 Beechcraft C-45G Expeditor N37JR 5 Bordelonville, LA w/o
04-JAN-1979 Beechcraft G18S N104KC Union Flights 2 Sacramento, CA w/o
16-JAN-1979 Beechcraft D18S N80W Steele Avn,Ltd 2 near Kenansville, FL w/o
27-FEB-1979 Beechcraft E18S N711TL 0 Indianapolis, In w/o
23-MAR-1979 Beechcraft E18S N201GW Great Western 2 Cedar Rapids, IA w/o
02-APR-1979 Beechcraft E18S N4442 Bush Aviation 1 mis
03-APR-1979 Beechcraft E18S N1234G Burl Air Freig 0 Chicago, IL w/o
04-APR-1979 Beechcraft G18S N149PA Providence Air Charter 0 Newburgh, NY unk
05-APR-1979 Beechcraft G18S N145PA Providence Air Charter 0 Newburgh, NY unk
10-APR-1979 Beechcraft E18S N617M Green Aero Inc 0 North Jackson, OH w/o
09-MAY-1979 Beechcraft E18S N438A Wyman Pilot Sv 1 near Burton, OH w/o
25-MAY-1979 Beechcraft D18 N1812D Wyman Pilot Se 1 Charleston, Wv w/o
29-JUN-1979 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N281M Shane Aviation 0 Slatington, PA w/o
11-JUL-1979 Beechcraft E18S N136C 0 Dayton, OH w/o
13-JUL-1979 Beechcraft E18S N62B 0 near San Juan, Pr w/o
14-JUL-1979 Beechcraft C-45 N.... 0 near Molineros w/o
15-SEP-1979 Beechcraft C-45H Expeditor N600NA Northern Air F 4 Hastings, MI w/o
19-SEP-1979 Beechcraft E18S N705M Mountain Air C 1 Suffield, CT w/o

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