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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
08-JUL-1959 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza CX-AVD private 2 Cebaco Island w/o
18-JUL-1959 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N2951B private 4 5,5 mi N of Billingsley, AL w/o
25-JUL-1959 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza D-EEGK H.G. Haak 3 Gran Combin, Aosta w/o
26-JUL-1959 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8696A private 3 Newark/Heath, OH w/o
01-AUG-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3821N private 3 Ogmulgee, OK w/o
15-AUG-1959 Beechcraft 35 N3846N private 4 Mandeville Canyon 4 mi from Van Nuys, LA w/o
11-SEP-1959 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N5013C private 4 near Sewanee, TN w/o
30-OCT-1959 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N337B private 1 40 mi NW of Blythe, CA w/o
16-NOV-1959 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N2932B Private 1 Forest Hill, Fort Worth, TX w/o
17-NOV-1959 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N789B private 1 near Okeechobee, FL w/o
26-NOV-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3924N private 3 7 mi E of Bethlehem, PA w/o
29-NOV-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza 0 100 km NE of Asunción unk
29-NOV-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3979N private 3 10 mi S of Kelso, CA w/o
05-DEC-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 1+4 Palm Desert, CA sub
10-DEC-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3739N private 2 Palos Verdes, CA w/o
15-DEC-1959 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N1839D private 1 4 mi S of Cheyenne Airport, WY w/o
27-DEC-1959 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N4571V private 3 near Sibley, LA w/o
  -   -1959 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8856A Gang Ranch, British Columbia
  -   -1959 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza N326B Vermilion Bay, Ontario
01-JAN-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8417A private 4 near Wetumpka, AL w/o
02-JAN-1960 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N4262B Private 4 Near Opelika, AL w/o
10-FEB-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza PT-AIH Táxi Aéreo de Marília 2 within Brasil mis
01-MAR-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza PT-... private 2 near Florianópolis, SC w/o
15-MAR-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 3 8 mi SE of Drummond, MT w/o
19-MAR-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza PT-AKO Atlanta Táxi Aéreo 4 Bahia state w/o
13-APR-1960 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N2933B J W Rainer 4 Near Graford, TX w/o
28-APR-1960 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N35U private 1 Hawaii area w/o
14-MAY-1960 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N3392C private 1 Dallas-Love Field, TX sub
15-MAY-1960 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N7206B private 4 near Los Angeles, CA w/o
21-MAY-1960 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza D-ECYM private 0 Coburg w/o
04-JUN-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N… Private 3 Atlantic Ocean near Daytona, FL w/o
05-JUN-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 4 Everglades, FL w/o
22-JUN-1960 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N389B Werco Steel 2 Easter Mountain Southwest of Roanoke, VA w/o
01-JUL-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8416A Private 1 Shadwell near Charlottesville, VA w/o
04-JUL-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 4 N of Shattuck Airport, OK w/o
04-AUG-1960 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza CC-PAW-0348 Club Aéreo de Chile 0 Tobalaba Airport min
08-AUG-1960 Beechcraft 35 N4563V Private 4 Near Lake Tahoe Airport, CA w/o
18-AUG-1960 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N7254B Delta Metals 2 near Itasca, TX w/o
21-AUG-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza F-BFDH private 4 near Saint-Cézaine, Alpes-Maritimes 06 w/o
26-AUG-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 5 near Elgin, OK w/o
05-SEP-1960 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N5816C private 6 Lake Michigan, IL w/o
01-OCT-1960 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N599B Florida Airlines Inc 1 Orlando, FL w/o
10-NOV-1960 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza private 2 Coxim, MT w/o
01-DEC-1960 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N9720R private 4 Cummings Valley area, CA w/o
  -   -1960 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza N477B private 0 near Red Bluff, CA w/o
  -   -1960 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N7338B 9 miles southeast of Lacombe, Alberta
  -   -1960 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza CF-LKD Vancouver International Airport, British Columbia
10-FEB-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 3 Paso Robles, CA w/o
17-MAR-1961 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza ZP-TAV Líneas Aéreas de Transporte Nacional (LATN) 1 Arroyos Esteros w/o
25-MAR-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3242V private 4 Brookfield Airport, MA w/o
04-APR-1961 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza N607Q private 2+2 near Riverside, CA w/o
16-APR-1961 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8536A private 4 10 mi NW of Hamburg, PA w/o
16-MAY-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 0 near Eden, TX sub
08-JUN-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N…. Private 0 Dallas Love Field, TX sub
16-JUN-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza PP-STL 6 Londrina, PR w/o
17-JUN-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 4 Lewiston, PA w/o
24-JUN-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 4 9 mi from Newark, OH w/o
30-JUN-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3298V private 4 near Bridgeport, CA w/o
18-JUL-1961 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N2100D Delsey Corp 4 Elmhurst, Queens, New York, NY w/o
31-JUL-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 0 near Ligonier, PA w/o
07-AUG-1961 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza N4209D Abilene Aviation Co 1 near Abilene, TX w/o
07-SEP-1961 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N492B private 4 ca 38 mi SW of Grants, NM w/o
01-OCT-1961 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza OO-FUN COGEA 4 Keerbergen, Flemish Brabant w/o
11-OCT-1961 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza HB-EGI Aeroclub di Lugano 2 near Milano-Linate w/o
28-OCT-1961 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8871A private 2 Cleveland-Hopkins Airport, OH w/o
26-NOV-1961 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N4450V private 1 0,75 mi from Mexia Muni Airport, TX w/o
  -   -1961 Beechcraft N35 Bonanza CF-NBY Toronto Island Airport, Ontario
  -   -1961 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza CF-HWK Montreal International Airport, Quebec
14-JAN-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 4 Hot Springs, AR w/o
26-JAN-1962 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N304E private 0 near NAS Jacksonville, FL w/o
22-FEB-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 3 Rosarito Beach w/o
03-MAR-1962 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N430B private 2 Kremmling northwest of Denver, CO w/o
09-MAR-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3834N private 4 N of Prescott, AZ w/o
12-MAR-1962 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N5044B private 0 Near Shipman, VA w/o
20-APR-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza Transportes Aéreos Prapaganda (TAP) 0 Manguinhos, RJ w/o
22-APR-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3264V private 4 ca 1 mi SE of Palm Springs Airport, CA w/o
09-JUL-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N2787V private 5 Sacramento, CA w/o
04-AUG-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3050V private 4 near Ukiah, CA w/o
05-AUG-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 2 Payson, AZ w/o
12-AUG-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N490C private w/o
17-AUG-1962 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8907A private 4 Steamboat Springs, CO w/o
21-AUG-1962 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza PT-AKZ private 4 ca 40 km from Angatuba, SP w/o
24-AUG-1962 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza F-BEXI Sté Alpine de matériel industriel des Travaux Publics Marseille-Marignane Airport, Bouches-du-Rhône 13 w/o
31-AUG-1962 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8755A private 3 Portage, IN w/o
28-SEP-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 1 6 mi SE of Everett, PA w/o
22-NOV-1962 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza PP-DHC Táxi Aéreo 2 Governador Valadares w/o
09-JAN-1963 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N5547D private 4 Colorado w/o
21-JAN-1963 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza CF-KGE Montreal Airport, Quebec
08-FEB-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3736N private 0 Middletown, OH w/o
13-FEB-1963 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N1862D private 3 Spencer, IA w/o
01-MAR-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3098V private 1 Atlantic Ocean w/o
10-MAR-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N2789V Southwest Agricultural Commodities 2 near Fredericksburg, TX w/o
10-MAR-1963 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N2082C private 3 20 mi S of La Junta, CO w/o
19-APR-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N.... private 2 Dallas/Love Field, TX w/o
27-APR-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza PT-AHG Taxí-Aéreo 0 Santos Dumont, RJ sub
21-MAY-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N2857V private 3 Estelline, TX w/o
22-MAY-1963 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N346B American Oak Preserving Co Inc 1 ca 15 mi NE of Bryan, TX w/o
25-MAY-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3865N private 2 ca 15 mi SE of Murfreesboro, AR w/o
30-MAY-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N102V Wilson Aircraft Inc 4 ca 1 mi W of Clines Corners, NM w/o
06-JUN-1963 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza CC-... private 4 Missing, Lago Argentino mis

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