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2047 occurrences in the ASN safety database
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
07-AUG-1970 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza N11SM 1 w/o
19-AUG-1970 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8693A Wilson Mill An 4 Temecula, CA w/o
22-AUG-1970 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza D-EKKY private w/o
23-AUG-1970 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N5420D George J.Armpr 0 Wheeling, IL w/o
31-AUG-1970 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N899A 4 Georgetown, CA w/o
06-SEP-1970 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N622T 4 Plain, WI w/o
09-SEP-1970 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N7903R Macalco,Inc. 3 Aldrich, Mo w/o
10-SEP-1970 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N9702R Culligan Soft 2 Cold Springs, NY w/o
18-SEP-1970 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza N6067E Falconers,Inc. 3 Pocatello, Id w/o
19-SEP-1970 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N7852L 1 Capistrno Bch, CA w/o
20-SEP-1970 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N7977R 2 Ft.Lauderdale, FL w/o
26-SEP-1970 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N5810C 4 Fayetteville, AR w/o
03-OCT-1970 Beechcraft V35B Bonanza N9029Q Private 0 Euless, TX w/o
06-OCT-1970 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N8817A 2 Evanston, WY w/o
07-OCT-1970 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza N312NF Floyd H Coffman 1 Rockton, PA w/o
17-OCT-1970 Beechcraft V35B Bonanza N3958A Denver Beechcraft 2 near Aspen, CO sub
19-OCT-1970 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N749B 2 Mussella, GA w/o
18-NOV-1970 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N5473D 2 near Willard, WA w/o
25-NOV-1970 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N5057C 5 Punta Penasco,Mex w/o
28-NOV-1970 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N5464D 1 Charleston, SC w/o
04-DEC-1970 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N284CR Coit Ranch,Inc 1 Benicia, CA w/o
12-DEC-1970 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3077V 2 Crystal River, FL w/o
04-JAN-1971 Beechcraft V35ATC Bonanza N213FS private 0 Orlando, FL w/o
09-JAN-1971 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3282V 2 near Wheaton, MN w/o
10-JAN-1971 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza N4441D 4 Aspen, CO w/o
15-JAN-1971 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8763A Private 0 Blue Springs, MO w/o
16-JAN-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza PT-AHI private 3 within Mato Grosso state w/o
17-JAN-1971 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N7827R Mission Beechc 5 Maxwell, CA w/o
17-JAN-1971 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N9878R Bradclift Air 1 Boyne, MI w/o
23-JAN-1971 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3353V 4 St.Charles, Mo w/o
17-FEB-1971 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N9812R 2 Oshawa,Ont w/o
19-MAR-1971 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N3350C 1 Smithfield, TX non
24-MAR-1971 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza N9513R M D Airborne I 0 Key Largo, FL w/o
28-MAR-1971 Beechcraft N35 Bonanza N2223Z 2 Newport, FL w/o
08-APR-1971 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza N1562S 1 Marathon, FL w/o
16-APR-1971 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N6111A Private 0 Wilson, LA w/o
22-APR-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N144H New England Aviation 4 Manchester, Nh w/o
27-APR-1971 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N2760T Dale Gage And 1 Elwood, In w/o
03-MAY-1971 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N7366B Private 3 Indiana, PA w/o
07-MAY-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N606D Flb Flyers,Inc 2 Cloverland, In w/o
14-MAY-1971 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N80462 Walter F Fulle 0 Fulton, NY w/o
27-MAY-1971 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza N9734Y Capital Aerial 2 Chaplin, Ky w/o
28-MAY-1971 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N7333B 1 near Williams, CA w/o
31-MAY-1971 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N5142C Private 0 Stevensville, MD w/o
31-MAY-1971 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N19FF Private 0 Park Rapids, MN w/o
24-JUN-1971 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza PP-DMV private 0 Bela Vista do Paraiso, PA w/o
02-JUL-1971 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza N987LS 6 Old Fort, NC w/o
06-JUL-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N5983C 1 Crown Point, In w/o
14-JUL-1971 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N4538V 2 Mankato, KS w/o
19-JUL-1971 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N620Q Private 0 Sante Fe, NM w/o
06-AUG-1971 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N490B Laurel Flying 1 Tazewell, VA w/o
01-SEP-1971 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N5166C Private 0 Monon, IN w/o
25-SEP-1971 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza N9790Y Metler Bros.Dr 1 Luna, NM w/o
30-SEP-1971 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N7761R Winnebago Indu 0 Ida Grove, Iowa w/o
01-OCT-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N8953A 4 Hartford, Sd w/o
08-OCT-1971 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza N5883S Deems Farm Equ 1+2 Topeka, KS w/o
17-OCT-1971 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N8544A 2 Homerville, GA w/o
09-NOV-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N658R 2 Hamilton, TX w/o
22-NOV-1971 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N8321D 1 Jacksboro, TX w/o
24-NOV-1971 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N3202C Jennings And J 4 Garden City, KS w/o
25-NOV-1971 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N1944D 6 Astoria, OR w/o
26-NOV-1971 Beechcraft H35 Bonanza N5520D 4 near Bland, Mo w/o
01-JAN-1972 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N328S Private 0 Piedra, CA w/o
16-JAN-1972 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N3814B Private 0 Simi, CA w/o
19-JAN-1972 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N785B Private 0 Dallas, TX w/o
25-JAN-1972 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza VH-TYA Rossair Pty Ltd 4 near Leigh Creek, SA w/o contains link to final investigation report
04-FEB-1972 Beechcraft S35 Bonanza N8933U Clarkes Thunde 2 Battle Mntn, NV w/o
12-FEB-1972 Beechcraft K35 Bonanza N3073C Aircraft Speci 0 Reno, NV w/o
26-FEB-1972 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza N221DS 4 Parker, Az w/o
27-FEB-1972 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3806N 2 near Saginaw, MI w/o
02-MAR-1972 Beechcraft E35 Bonanza N766B 1 Dublin, CA w/o
02-MAR-1972 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N7877R 3 near Oregon, Mo w/o
05-MAR-1972 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza LQ-INE Córdoba Government 3 18 km from Leones, Córdoba w/o
08-MAR-1972 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N5026C 4 Hot Springs, AR w/o
16-MAR-1972 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N721W 1 Midway, AR sub
21-MAR-1972 Beechcraft V35 Bonanza N9407S 1 Worthington, MN sub
22-MAR-1972 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N772JV 1 Fort Pierce, FL w/o
26-MAR-1972 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N5844C 4 Alta, IA w/o
30-MAR-1972 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N3368C 1 near Kimball, Nb w/o
12-APR-1972 Beechcraft C35 Bonanza N351 1 Voorheesville, NY w/o
18-APR-1972 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza D-EFOB private 0 Flugplatz Rennefeld w/o
26-APR-1972 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza PT-BAF private 4 near Tuneiras do Oeste, PA w/o
26-APR-1972 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza N8900M 3 Kingston, Nh sub
12-MAY-1972 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N843R 1 Florissant, Mo w/o
16-MAY-1972 Beechcraft M35 Bonanza N9589R Private 0 Macon, GA w/o
10-JUN-1972 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3422V 2 near Port Mahon, De w/o
14-JUN-1972 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza N8623M Tom Nehl Gmc T 1 near Jacksonville, FL w/o
29-JUN-1972 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N220X Private 0 Lebanon, Va w/o
10-JUL-1972 Beechcraft G35 Bonanza N4635D 2 Wellsville, NY w/o
02-AUG-1972 Beechcraft J35 Bonanza N637T 3 Elyria, OH w/o
18-AUG-1972 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N2070D 5 Bevans Town w/o
01-SEP-1972 Beechcraft V35A Bonanza N789KB 2 Pollocksville, NC w/o
04-SEP-1972 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N5048B 1 Ruston, LA w/o
09-SEP-1972 Beechcraft V35B Bonanza N81RB 1 Newberry, MI w/o
10-SEP-1972 Beechcraft B35 Bonanza N29M 2 near Albertville, AL w/o
22-SEP-1972 Beechcraft D35 Bonanza N737D Private 0 Denver, CO w/o
09-OCT-1972 Beechcraft A35 Bonanza HB-ECP private 4 near Zermatt w/o contains link to final investigation report
20-OCT-1972 Beechcraft 35P N9656Y 2 Vancouver,BC w/o
29-OCT-1972 Beechcraft 35 Bonanza N3100V 1 Bloomfield, NM w/o
06-NOV-1972 Beechcraft F35 Bonanza N5006B 1 Lindon, CO w/o

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