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Last updated: 23 January 2020
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
12-JAN-1966 Piper L-4/J3C-65 Cub SE-CBR Nordöstra Smålands Flygklubb 0 Hultsfred airport w/o
13-MAR-1966 Piper J3C-65 N70434 1 Central Falls, NC w/o
22-MAR-1966 Piper J3C N6627H Private 0 Bowie MD w/o
16-APR-1966 Piper J3 N88581 1 near Withrow, MN w/o
08-MAY-1966 Piper J3C-65 N91947 Slatington Fly 2 near Jim Thorpe, PA w/o
19-MAY-1966 Piper J3 N98459 1 Corning, AR w/o
21-MAY-1966 Piper J3C-65 N7080H 2 Clarksville, TX w/o
26-MAY-1966 Piper J3 N35333 Private 0 Hinsdale IL w/o
30-MAY-1966 Piper J3 N7485H Tew Mac Aviati 0 Tewksbury MA w/o
11-JUN-1966 Piper J3C N98052 1 Almyra, AR w/o
14-JUN-1966 Piper J3C N6318H C.P. Adkins 0 Parkston SD w/o
14-JUN-1966 Piper J-3 N98098 Fh Christian 0 Bonilla SD w/o
23-JUN-1966 Piper J3 N98093 Private 0 Ellicott City MD w/o
03-JUL-1966 Piper J3C N42743 Jb Robertson 1 Memphis, TX w/o
06-JUL-1966 Piper J3 N42418 Fischer Flying 1 Stuttgart, AR w/o
15-JUL-1966 Piper J3C-65 N32916 2 Clarion, PA w/o
17-JUL-1966 Piper J3C-65 N2147M 1 Burlington, NC w/o
22-JUL-1966 Piper J3 N35162 Bethune Aero F 1 Hernando, Ms w/o
01-AUG-1966 Piper J3C-65 N6379H E J Reinholtz 0 Yates City IL w/o
14-AUG-1966 Piper J-3C-85 Cub D-ELUL private w/o
26-AUG-1966 Piper J-3C/L-4J Cub HB-OAV Aeroclub Suisse, Section Valais 1 Sitten/Airport w/o
03-SEP-1966 Piper J3 N30746 Loylis Duhon 1 near Morgan City, LA w/o
09-SEP-1966 Piper J-3 N70875 Private 0 Center CO w/o
11-SEP-1966 Piper J3 N98494 1 Columbia, IL w/o
14-SEP-1966 Piper J3C-65 N87964 1 near Faith, Sd w/o
23-SEP-1966 Piper J3 N98571 1 Kaplan, LA w/o
22-OCT-1966 Piper J3C-65 N3515K Private 0 Naples FL w/o
24-NOV-1966 Piper J3C-65 N88669 1 Millis, MA w/o
08-DEC-1966 Piper J3C N92032 Palomar Aviati 1 Carlsbad, CA sub
28-JAN-1967 Piper J3L-65 N38612 1 Lohrville, IA w/o
19-FEB-1967 Piper J-3C N70955 Air Service In 0 Virginia, MN w/o
10-MAR-1967 Piper J3C-65 N92295 1 Fosters, AL w/o
21-MAR-1967 Piper J3C-65 Cub LN-BWU private w/o
07-APR-1967 Piper J-3 N26853 Private 0 Fairview, OK w/o
03-MAY-1967 Piper J3-90 N6052H 2 Lake City, SC w/o
13-MAY-1967 Piper J-3 N3502N Private 0 Catskill, NY w/o
14-MAY-1967 Piper J3-L65 N38386 Private 0 Rhinebeck, NY w/o
20-MAY-1967 Piper J3-65 N35642 1 Payne, OH w/o
25-JUN-1967 Piper J3C-65 N6662H Ew Fredricksen 1 Alexandria, Sd w/o
28-JUN-1967 Piper J3C-65 Cub D-EGYM private Jesenwang (EDMJ) (Bayern) w/o
01-JUL-1967 Piper J-3 N42999 Hubert Watson 0 Dothan, AL w/o
02-JUL-1967 Piper J3C-65 N77569 1 Clewiston, FL sub
09-JUL-1967 Piper J3C-65 N42978 Sallys Flying 1 Wheeling, IL w/o
16-JUL-1967 Piper J3L-65 N38118 Private 0 Fallston, MD w/o
17-JUL-1967 Piper J3C N3511N Hamlin Flying 1 Parkin, AR w/o
09-AUG-1967 Piper J3C-65 N3419N H And T Flying 1 Headland, AL w/o
13-AUG-1967 Piper J-3 N92477 Private 0 Hager City, WI w/o
16-AUG-1967 Piper J3 N98231 Wapakoneta Avi 1 Medina, OH w/o
18-AUG-1967 Piper J3C-65 N92605 1 Bloomfield, OH w/o
22-AUG-1967 Piper J3C-65 N92076 Patterson-Boen 1 Jacks Creek, TN w/o
23-AUG-1967 Piper J3C-65 N7009H Private 0 Hollandale, Miss w/o
04-SEP-1967 Piper J3F N40907 2 Estelline, Sd w/o
17-SEP-1967 Piper J3C-65 N87798 Private 0 near Autryville, NC w/o
05-OCT-1967 Piper J3 N42904 1 Spencer, NY w/o
05-NOV-1967 Piper J-3 N42345 Private 0 Schuylerville, NY w/o
15-NOV-1967 Piper J3 N88369 1 New Gulf, TX w/o
21-NOV-1967 Piper J3C-65 N42795 Private 0 Coldwater, MI w/o
14-JAN-1968 Piper J3 N42979 2 near Viborg, Sd w/o
21-JAN-1968 Piper J3C-65 N33495 1 Beloit, WI w/o
18-MAR-1968 Piper L-4J Cub LN-TVN Mo Flyklubb Røssvoll w/o
30-MAR-1968 Piper J3C-65 N88023 Private 0 Novato, CA w/o
19-APR-1968 Piper J3C-65 Cub D-EDUS unknown Egelsbach (EDFE) (Hessen) w/o
18-MAY-1968 Piper J3L-65 N32839 Private 0 Dalton, GA w/o
19-MAY-1968 Piper J3 N57253 2+2 near Bakerfield, CA w/o
20-MAY-1968 Piper J3C-65 N70734 Private 0 Glen Allen, Miss w/o
08-JUN-1968 Piper J3C-65 N65886 2 Montgomery, AL sub
16-JUN-1968 Piper J3C-65 N98499 2 Greece, NY w/o
13-JUL-1968 Piper J-3 N98831 B And B Aviati 0 Beaver Falls, PA w/o
17-JUL-1968 Piper J3C-65 N70572 Bell Flying Se 0 Brooklet, GA w/o
19-JUL-1968 Piper J3C N6535H Richard J Schm 0 Austin, MN w/o
20-JUL-1968 Piper J-3 N42331 Private 0 Livermore, CA w/o
20-JUL-1968 Piper J3L N32743 2nd Chance Fly 1 Sullivan, IL sub
20-JUL-1968 Piper J3 N70398 1 Kinde, MI w/o
15-SEP-1968 Piper J3 N6430H 1 Vinita, OK w/o
22-SEP-1968 Piper J3C-65 N70708 2 North Canaan, CT w/o
23-SEP-1968 Piper J3C-65 N92097 1 Davis, CA w/o
25-SEP-1968 Piper J3C-65 N6643H Private 0 Troy, NC w/o
28-SEP-1968 Piper J3C-65 Cub D-EFOG private w/o
23-OCT-1968 Piper J3C-85 N42633 2 near Anchorage, AK w/o
17-NOV-1968 Piper J3C-65 N70753 1 Temple, OK w/o
11-DEC-1968 Piper J3C-65 N31026 Private 0 Ewing, Nebr w/o
  -   -1968 Piper J3C-65 Cub D-EFCM private w/o
12-FEB-1969 Piper J3F-65 N5126R Miss.Aircraft 0 Picayune, Miss w/o
16-FEB-1969 Piper J3 N3507K 2 Beggs, OK w/o
26-FEB-1969 Piper J3C-65 N56334 Private 0 Exeter, CA w/o
02-MAR-1969 Piper J3C-65 N55008 2 Tallulah, LA w/o
22-MAR-1969 Piper J3C-65 N98224 Annapolis Flyi 0 Edgewater, MD w/o
12-APR-1969 Piper J3C-65 Cub PH-NCT DG Zinkweg 0 Teuge * w/o
13-APR-1969 Piper J-3C-65 Cub N21619 Private 0 Hooker, OK w/o
03-JUN-1969 Piper J3C-65 N87841 private 0 Bonifay, FL w/o
04-JUN-1969 Piper J-3 N3469N Robert E Bowen 0 Williamston, MI w/o
04-JUN-1969 Piper J3 N42637 Reading Aviati 1 Reading, PA w/o
06-JUN-1969 Piper L-4J Cub PH-UCP LA Gravemaker 0 Seppe Airfield (EHSE) w/o
12-JUN-1969 Piper J3C-65 Cub D-EGEL private w/o
22-JUN-1969 Piper J3C-65 N1533N Private 0 Cambridge, MD w/o
28-JUN-1969 Piper J3C-65 N3665K 2 Gurley, LA w/o
29-JUN-1969 Piper J3C-65 N88419 Meridian Corp 2 Homestead, FL w/o
05-JUL-1969 Piper J3C N26868 2 Shallowater, TX w/o
10-JUL-1969 Piper J3C-65 N70684 Aaa Flying Ser 1 Clayton, NC w/o
01-AUG-1969 Piper J3 N70223 1 Lafayette, TN non

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