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Last updated: 16 December 2019
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45 occurrences in the ASN safety database,
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
06-JUN-2007 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0204G OkAvia 1 Pavelec, Ryazan rgn sub
13-JUN-2007 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas 4L-RSA Ear service 2 aerodrome Natahtari, west of Tbilisi w/o
24-JUN-2007 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0191G Aeron, LLC 0 5 km SE of Generalskoye, Engels region, Saratov obl w/o
03-JUN-2008 Lilienthal X-32B-1 Bekas RA-0115G Jabiru 1 Artanovskiy, Volgograd w/o
19-JUN-2008 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas Agrosvit-21 0 Ruchi Razdolnenskogo w/o
06-SEP-2008 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas LY-EBR Private 1 near Kedainiai airfield w/o
11-SEP-2008 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas UR-ITC IATC 0 near Nahodyashegosya sub
07-MAY-2009 Lilienthal X-32-912 Bekas UR-IFA Ukrainian State Flight Academy 2 Kirivograd w/o
22-MAY-2009 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas private 0 Istobnoe, Repevskogo District, Voronezh Oblast w/o
29-MAY-2009 Lilienthal X-32-912 Bekas 0 Nikolayev-Kulbakino Air Base sub
09-JUN-2009 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas 1 Chubarovka, Zaporizhya region sub
09-JUN-2009 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas private 1 nr Chubarovka, Pologovskogo area, Zaporizhia region w/o
16-JUL-2009 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0462G Private 0 Staroe Pogorelovo, Veshkaymskogo District, Ulyanovsk region w/o
19-MAR-2011 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0921G Aero-Mix 1 Oktyabr'skiy, Ryazan region w/o
20-MAY-2011 Lilienthal X-32CK Bekas RA-0921G Private 1 near Nekrasovka, Ryazan Region w/o
23-SEP-2011 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0642G Aeromiks 1 Saryg-Sep, Kaa-Khemskiy rayon, Tuva sub
11-JUN-2012 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0738G ASTEK, LLC 0 Tolstobino, Kstovsky District, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast w/o
16-AUG-2012 REMZ Avia S-2 Sintal RA-0001G Private 1 near Chigarok village, Borisoglebsk district, Voronezh region w/o
19-AUG-2012 REMZ Avia S-2 Sintal Private 1 Zalesnoe, Penza region w/o
18-NOV-2012 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0502G Private 2 Belorechensky District, Krasnodar Krai w/o
29-NOV-2012 REMZ Avia S-2 Sintal RA-0377G DOSAAF 0 Stavropol w/o
29-MAY-2013 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas 1 Krymsky District, Krasnodar Krai w/o
24-JUN-2013 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas 4L-JSA ServiceAir 0 Taribana sub
01-SEP-2013 Lilienthal X-32UT Bekas RA-1264G Ufa educational center of small aircraft 2 Lake Ilmurzino, near village Ilmurzino w/o
26-MAR-2014 REMZ Avia S-2 Sintal RA-1224G Sports aviation club Gvardeisk 2 near Telmanovo, Kaliningrad w/o
19-APR-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas unreg. Private 1 Gureev, Rostov region w/o
04-MAY-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas private 1 nr Poltavka, Huliaipole raion, Zaporizhia region w/o
28-MAY-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas UP-LA011 KazAvia 1 Malo-Dikhanskiy rural district of the Uigur area w/o
17-JUN-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas "Mix-2" RA-0642G Private 0 Paryshka, Sapozhkovskij rajon, Rjazan oblast w/o
17-JUL-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas Private 1 Belashki village, Cherkassy region w/o
26-JUL-2014 Lilienthal Bekas X-32 Private 1 Lviv oblast w/o
16-AUG-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas Private 0 near Chervonogrygorivka, Nikopol region, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast w/o
08-SEP-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0036A SelHozAviaHim 1 near Belgorod w/o
09-SEP-2014 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas Private 1 near Ripky, Ripky Raion, Chernihiv Oblast w/o
11-SEP-2014 REMZ Avia S-2M Sintal RA-0152A OJSC «TyagPressMash» 1 Titovo, Pachelmskij rajon, Penza oblast w/o
17-JUL-2015 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas 1 Bobrovytsia Raion, Chernihiv Oblast sub
04-SEP-2015 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0224G Private 1 Hmelinka, Kirsanovsky District, Tambov region w/o
13-SEP-2015 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0660G OJSC «TyagPressMash» 1 Prosechye, Ryazan region w/o
23-JUN-2016 X-32 Bekas Unregistered Private 0 Idrinskoe, Odrinska district, Krasnoyarsk sub
26-JUN-2016 X-32 Bekas RA-0480A Private 1 Oktiabrskoe village, Penzenskiy district w/o
17-MAY-2017 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0395A Soyuz-Agro 1 Matcherka village of the Penza region w/o
26-MAY-2018 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas RA-0255 G Private 1 Ukholovskogo district, Ryazan region w/o
13-JUL-2018 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas UR-GPPI 1 near Mykolaivka village, Romenskyi Raion, Sumy Oblast sub
15-JUL-2018 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas unreg. Private 1 near Zaruddya village, Romenskyi Raion, Sumy Oblast w/o contains link to final investigation report
12-SEP-2019 Lilienthal X-32 Bekas UR-GPBI Private 0 Danichi village, Repkin district, Chernihiv region sub