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Last updated: 06 July 2020
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
15-MAY-1953 Piper PA-18 Super Cub HK-218 Gaita 1 Armero w/o
18-MAY-1953 Piper PA-18-125 HK-91-E Gaita 0 Neiva w/o
20-MAY-1953 Piper PA-18A-135 Super Cub PH-NEZ K.A. van Beek 0 Noordoostpolder, Flevoland Province w/o
21-MAY-1953 Piper PA-18A Super Cub PH-NEW K.A. van Beek 1 Noordoostpolder, Flevoland Province w/o
07-AUG-1953 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-31 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 1 Horst, Limburg w/o
22-OCT-1953 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-38 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Otterloo w/o
22-APR-1954 Piper PA-18A-135 Super Cub HK-465E Tolima unk
06-AUG-1954 Piper PA-18A 135 ZK-AXH Airwork Services Ltd 1 Rakaia Gorge, SW of Christchurch, South Island w/o
14-AUG-1954 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-63 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Huisduiner Polder near Den Helder w/o
05-JAN-1955 Piper PA-18 Super Cub HK-229 Aeroclub de Medellín 0 El Edén, Quindío w/o
08-MAR-1955 Piper L-21A Super Cub 51-15737 United States Air Force (USAF) 2 7 mi NE of Wichita Falls, TX w/o
02-APR-1955 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EI.. Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 near Cervignano del Friuli (UD) sub
20-APR-1955 Piper L-18C Super Cup I-EIRO Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 Urbe w/o
12-MAY-1955 Piper PA-18C Super Cub ALAT 2 Coetquidan w/o
18-JUN-1955 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub HK-813-E FAT 0 near Armero, Tolima w/o
10-NOV-1955 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-57 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Oldebroek w/o
27-NOV-1955 Piper PA-18 PP-GKE Aero Clube Vera Cruz 2 Rio Verde de Mato Grosso, MS w/o
06-DEC-1955 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIXP Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 1 Savonera (TO) w/o
09-FEB-1956 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-60 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Deelen w/o
26-MAR-1956 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKL Ohura unk
03-MAY-1956 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub Civil Air Patrol 2 Mount Vernon, OH w/o
11-JUN-1956 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKM Lauder sub
09-JUL-1956 Piper PA-18 Super Cub TI-237 private 2 San José/La Sabana w/o
23-JUL-1956 Piper PA-18A Super Cub PH-NFV NV First Groningen Agriculture Aviation Company. 0 Dubbeldam, East of Dordrecht, South Holland w/o
31-JUL-1956 Piper L-21B Super Cup I-EIHA Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 1 Cima Palon-Monte Bondone (TN) w/o
02-AUG-1956 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BNH Private 0 Albury, Mackenzie Country, South Island sub
09-AUG-1956 Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub PH-NFZ Mastbooms Vliegbedrijf 0 Ens, Flevoland, Noordoostpolder, about 10 km SE of Emmeloord. w/o
11-SEP-1956 Piper L-18C Super Cub AS+540 Luftwaffe 0 w/o
20-SEP-1956 Piper L-21B Super Cub 3211 Força Aérea Portuguesa 1 Fonteira, Alentejo w/o
27-SEP-1956 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKK Balclutha unk
27-SEP-1956 Piper PA-18A ZK-BNI 0 Balclutha unk
27-OCT-1956 Piper L-21 Super Cub United States Army Aviation 2 Cowhouse Creek, Hamilton County, Texas w/o
02-DEC-1956 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub PJ-REF Aeroclub Curacao 0 Koraal Specht sub
09-DEC-1956 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKK 0 Ashley Clinton, NW of Takapau, Hawkes Bay sub
25-FEB-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BNN Aerial Work (Marlborough) Ltd 1 Kaihoka, nr Collingwood, Golden Bay w/o
11-MAR-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-105 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Elspeet w/o
11-MAR-1957 Piper PA-18C Super Cup I-EIPO Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 2 near Bassano di Sutri (VT) w/o
12-MAR-1957 Piper L-21C Super Cub R-47 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Ruurlo w/o
12-APR-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BNP Aerial Applications 0 Wairoa sub
26-APR-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIYP Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 1 Valle di Casies (BZ) w/o
28-APR-1957 Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub ZK-BKX Nelson Aero Club 0 Ward, Marlborough sub
07-MAY-1957 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKC Aerial Farming Ltd 0 National Park sub
08-MAY-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BFV Airwork (New Zealand) Ltd 0 Culverden, near Canterbury sub
31-MAY-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub 3223 Força Aérea Portuguesa 2 near Abrantes w/o
12-JUN-1957 Piper PA-18 Super Cub YV-... private 0 near La Sabana w/o
19-JUN-1957 Piper L-18C Super Cub F-AR Luftforsvaret (RNoAF) 0 w/o
23-JUN-1957 Piper PA-18 ZK-BKU Pleasant Point unk
23-JUN-1957 Piper PA-18 Super Cub HK-1132 private 0 hacienda San Julían w/o
29-JUN-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-119 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Apeldoorn w/o
05-JUL-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIXY Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 1 near Mercatino Conca (PU) w/o
10-JUL-1957 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub D-EMEL Flugbetriebe Ernst Lüdt KG 1 near Hasenmoor w/o
11-JUL-1957 Piper PA-18 Cub HP-150 private 3 3 mi from David w/o
12-JUL-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub ZK-BRS Aerodress Ltd 1 Waterfall Bridge, 5 mi. from Weber, Hawkes Bay w/o
15-JUL-1957 Piper L-18C Super Cub F-AG Luftforsvaret (RNoAF) 0 w/o
22-JUL-1957 Piper PA-18A-135 Super Cub HK-432-E CAITA 1 Venadillo w/o
31-JUL-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub PH-NFW B.J.J.M Nastboom 0 Ens, Flevoland, Noordoostpolder, about 10 km SE of Emmeloord. w/o
03-OCT-1957 Piper L-18C Super Cub AA+522 Luftwaffe 1 near Landsberg AB w/o
19-OCT-1957 Piper L-18C Super Cub R-32 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Drecke w/o
28-OCT-1957 Piper PA-18 ZK-BKU 0 Stratford unk
02-NOV-1957 Piper L-18C Super Cub AS+530 Luftwaffe 2 Kollmar-Langenhals w/o
08-NOV-1957 Piper PA-18 Super Cub LV-... 0 near Tenguel, Guayaquil w/o
09-NOV-1957 Piper L-21C Super Cub R-78 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Huissese Polder near Arnhem w/o
09-NOV-1957 Piper PA-18A-150 Super Cub ZK-BNZ Harts Aerial Topdressing Ltd 1 Silver Peaks Station, Hindon, Otago w/o
19-NOV-1957 Piper L-18 Super Cub private 0 San Juan, Carlos w/o
28-NOV-1957 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIUB Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) Dignano (UD) w/o
04-DEC-1957 Piper PA-18A ZK-BNQ near Alfredton unk
19-DEC-1957 Piper PA-18A ZK-BNU Pikopiko unk
27-DEC-1957 Piper PA-18 ZK-BTM Stratford unk
14-JAN-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BRQ Pakawau unk
15-JAN-1958 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIYV Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 near Manziana (RM) w/o
22-JAN-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKK Dannevirke unk
24-JAN-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BFV Airwork (NZ) Ltd 1 Forrester property, Karetu Downs, nr Hawarden, North Canterbury w/o
28-JAN-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BNU 0 Glenomaru, Catlins, South Otago sub
01-FEB-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BTJ Waitahuna unk
05-FEB-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKK 0 Weber, Hawkes Bay sub
09-FEB-1958 Piper PA-18 Super Cub CF-... private 1 Vancouver Island, BC w/o
10-FEB-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKP Pataka unk
15-FEB-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BKI Airwork NZ Ltd 1 Wangaehu, nr Masterton w/o
08-MAR-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKK 0 Whangarei w/o
08-APR-1958 Piper PA-18A-150 ZK-BKN Whatakura unk
11-APR-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BRW Maxwell Pass unk
20-APR-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BQZ Masterton unk
29-APR-1958 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub HK-899E 1 near Armero, Tolima w/o
03-MAY-1958 Piper PA-18A-135 Super Cub HK-376E Venadillo unk
07-MAY-1958 Piper PA-18 ZK-BQO Rongotai, Wellington unk
08-MAY-1958 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIJF Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 near Ronchi dei Legionari (GO) w/o
06-JUN-1958 Piper L-21B ME-7-OB w/o
14-JUN-1958 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub D-ENYK private 2 near Gummersbach w/o
12-JUL-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BPJ Raglan unk
23-JUL-1958 Piper PA-18C Super Cub Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 near Piedilugo (TN) unk
02-AUG-1958 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIZB Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) Passo Monte Croce Comelico (BL) w/o
03-AUG-1958 Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub ZK-BPJ Auckland Aero Club Mangere Aerodrome, Auckland sub
07-AUG-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BRN Manukau Harbour unk
12-AUG-1958 Piper L-21B Super Cub R-133 Koninklijke Luchtmacht (KLu) 0 Vogelsang/Schleiden w/o
12-SEP-1958 Piper PA-18A ZK-BNI 0 Orawia unk
24-OCT-1958 Piper PA-18 ZK-BTM New Plymouth. unk
01-NOV-1958 Piper PA-18 ZK-BKY Harewood unk
27-JAN-1959 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EIQN Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 Lago Fedaia (TN) w/o
04-MAR-1959 Piper PA-18A ZK-BNT Wakefield unk
11-MAR-1959 Piper L-21B Super Cub I-EI.. Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito (AVES) 0 Urbe w/o

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