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Last updated: 03 March 2021
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
11-MAR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HTD M.S. Moore, Reefton 0 Paparoa Range, west of Reefton w/o
13-MAR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N822SH Rotor Envy Helicopters 0 Ellington Airport, Harris County, Houston, Texas w/o
14-MAR-2010 Robinson R-22 Parker Helicopter LLC 0 Palo Alto Baylands Open Space Preserve, near Palo Alto Airport, CA sub
16-MAR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HVC Minaret Station Ltd 0 Minaret Station, Lake Wanaka near Queenstown International Airport w/o
27-MAR-2010 Robinson R22 I-NWSC North West Services 0 Levone, Piedmont, about 30 km (19 miles) north west of Turin w/o
28-MAR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N72377 Helicopter Academy LLC 0 Atlantic Ocean, Government Cut, 2 miles off Miami Beach, Florida sub
02-APR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta D-HFHF Heli-Flight GmbH & Co. KG 0 Nördlingen Airfield, Donau-Ries district, Swabia, Bavaria sub
14-APR-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II ZS-ROV Henley Air (op.)/Gypsy Empire Properties Pty (owner) 1 Near Panorama Aerodrone, Swartkoppies Road, Alberton/Mulbarton w/o
07-MAY-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II N393LE Mountain Ridge Helicopters LLC 0 Bud Phelps Wildlife Management Area, near Mendon, Utah sub
18-MAY-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II LN-OCU European Helicopter Center 0 Fagernes Leirin (VDB), Oppland w/o
25-MAY-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N220PE Mauna Loa Helicopters 0 Kona International Airport, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii sub
27-MAY-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II HB-ZHB Heli Sitterdorf AG 0 Rütistrasse, Henau, near Auzelgli, Gemeinde Uzwil/SG w/o contains link to final investigation report
31-MAY-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II F-ORGB Andre Begue 2 Col des Boeufs Mafate-Salazie w/o contains link to final investigation report
02-JUN-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II N522SA Inland Helicopters, Inc. 1 3730 N. Center Road, 1 km East of Felts Field Airport, Spokane, WA sub
05-JUN-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N7028U Universal Air Academy 0 Brackett Field Airport, La Verne, California w/o
13-JUN-2010 Robinson R22 Beta VH-RPN Lone Eagle (WA) Pty. Ltd. 1 Mount Barnet Roadhouse, King Leopold Ranges, 257 km ENE of Derby, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
18-JUN-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N2548S Hillsboro Aviation Inc 0 1/2 Mile S of Portland-Hillsborough Airport, Hillsboro, Oregon sub
19-JUN-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II N7988H Cloud 9 Helicopters LLC 0 11000 Aviation Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida w/o
12-JUL-2010 Robinson R22 PT-YBF Rio de Janeiro, RJ unk contains link to final investigation report
22-JUL-2010 Robinson R22 Beta ZS-RXV D.H. Hoines t/as Skymaster 0 off South end of Runway 29, Rand Airport, Germiston, Gauteng sub
01-AUG-2010 Robinson R22 Beta JA22NE Nippon TV 2 Kamou Helipad, Miuta, Kamoto-Machi, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture w/o
05-AUG-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II ZS-RVB Private 2 3.7 nautical miles North of Groot Riet Farm, Northern Cape w/o
08-AUG-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N792SH Streakin F Helicopters LLC 0 Pettus, Bee County, Texas sub
08-AUG-2010 Robinson R-22 Beta G-NWDC Jason Porter 0 City of Derry Airport, Airport Road, Eglinton, Londonderry w/o contains link to final investigation report
28-SEP-2010 Robinson R-22 Beta G-HRBS Fly Executive Ltd 0 Goodwood Aerodrome, Chichester, West Sussex w/o contains link to final investigation report
29-SEP-2010 Robinson R22 Mariner N856HA Hillsboro Aviation Inc 0 Hillsboro Airport, Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon sub
04-OCT-2010 Robinson R22 Beta VH-THI Ben Tapp 1 Top End, near Mountain Valley Station, 174 Km E of Katherine, NT sub contains link to final investigation report
05-OCT-2010 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IIL Mountain View Helicopters 0 Kaituna Valley, near Mount Herbert, Banks Peninsula. sub
12-OCT-2010 Robinson R22 Beta VH- Torwood Station Pty Ltd 0 Torwood Station, about 115km southwest of Chillagoe, Queensland sub
12-OCT-2010 Robinson R22 Beta N853DS Temco Sky Networks 0 Long Beach Airport, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California sub
14-OCT-2010 Robinson R22B ZK-HIP A D & G D Munro Syndicate, Winton 2 2 km SE of Colyers Island, Bluff Harbour, Southland. w/o
29-OCT-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II N844SH Guidance Helicopters 0 Prescott Municipal Airport (Ernest A. Love Field) Prescott, Arizona sub
02-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 Beta ZS-RNN Black Panther Family Trust 2 78 Second Street, Rooiwal, 5nm north of Wonderboom Airport, Gauteng w/o
04-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 PT-HOL São Paulo, SP unk contains link to final investigation report
09-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-TCG private 1 Mount Ogg, 44 km WSW of Rolleston, QLD w/o
09-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II I-ETEC Eurotech S.p.A. 2 Sozzago. Province of Novara, Piedmont w/o contains link to final investigation report
22-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 Alpha PT-YDU Aeroclube de Goiânia 0 Aeródromo Nacional de Aviação, Solar Ville, Goiânia sub contains link to final investigation report
27-NOV-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II I-WWWW Ital Fly 0 Mount Paganella, Brenta Group, Trentino sub
09-DEC-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II G-CBVL Spiral Wing Ltd 2 Tourettes-sur-Loup, Alpes-Maritimes department w/o contains link to final investigation report
13-DEC-2010 Robinson R-22 Alpha VH-FDL All-Terrain Helicopters Pty. Ltd. 0 near Gulf Development Road, 9 Km from Georgetown, SW of Cairns, Qld sub contains link to final investigation report
14-DEC-2010 Robinson R22 PT-YYG Radio Eldorado 0 Avenida Tiradentes, Sao Paulo, near Campo de Marte Airport w/o contains link to final investigation report
30-DEC-2010 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-RUQ Heliflite Pty Ltd 0 Racecourse Road, Ooralea Racecourse, Emerald, Central Queensland sub
14-JAN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HQD G K Anderson Engineering Ltd., Alexandra 0 Shingle Creek, south of Alexandra, Central Otago. sub
18-JAN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II HB-ZKL Helicopter Swiss Chablais 0 Le Very-Pierre, Châtel, Haute-Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes sub
23-JAN-2011 Robinson R-22 Beta II PT-YDW Rio Grande do Sul Flying Club 0 Guaiba River Shore, Ipanema, south of Porto Alegre sub contains link to final investigation report
29-JAN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N7195B Complete Helicopters Inc 0 Janes Field, Anoka County–Blaine Airport, Anoka, Minnesota sub
05-MAR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II TI-AZZ AENSA Flight School 0 MRPV Tobias Bolaños Int w/o
08-MAR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HOI Private 0 10km NW of the northern tip of Lake Hauroko, near Fiordland sub
09-MAR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N112HE Heliflight Leasing LLC 0 Bulverde Airpark, San Antonio, Texas sub
11-MAR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N8360T 702 Helicopters LLC 0 North Las Vegas Airport, North Las Vegas, Nevada sub
22-MAR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N259TW Panzironi LLC 0 near Goshen, Orange County, New York sub
06-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IXR Shooters Supplies Ltd., Christchurch 1 Mistake Creek, Rolleston Range, NW of Lake Coleridge w/o
10-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N791SH Spitzer Helicopters LLC 0 Marlboro Airport, Marlboro, Middlesex County, Massachusetts sub
10-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N372LE Performance Helicopters, LLC. 0 Lake Charles Regional Airport, Lake Charles, Louisiana w/o
11-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta G-BTHI Summerline Aviation Ltd. 0 Leicester Airport (EGBG), Leicestershire, sub
26-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II I-ETEC Elicompany s.r.l. 2 Vallone di Grascito, Sulmona province, L'Aquila w/o contains link to final investigation report
27-APR-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HMU Wanaka Helicopters 2 Arawhata Saddle, about 50 km NW of Wanaka w/o contains link to final investigation report
01-MAY-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II LN-OZI European Helicopter Center A/S 0 Løfallstrand Kvinnherad, Hordaland w/o
03-MAY-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N927SH Prentice Aviation Inc 0 Yancey, Medina County, 12 miles S of Hondo, Texas sub
09-MAY-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-DSD Versatile Helicopter Services Pty. Ltd 1 83 Km NW of Julia Creek, QLD sub contains link to final investigation report
11-MAY-2011 Robinson R-22 Beta OK-XIF Letecke Prace a Sluzby (LPS) Aerial Work & Services 0 Skutec airfield, Chrudim district, Pardubice region w/o contains link to final investigation report
29-MAY-2011 Robinson R22 Mariner N8313E Avi Shevah 0 Lonetown Road, Redding, Connecticut non
18-JUN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N334DC Guidance Helicopters Inc 0 Prescott Municipal Airport (Ernest A. Love Field) Prescott, Arizona sub
20-JUN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HPQ C4 Aviation Limited 0 About 2km south-west of Mount Campbell, near Motueka sub
27-JUN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N7779M Private 1 Caldwell Lane, DeValle, near Garfield, SE of Austin, Texas sub
27-JUN-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II EI-EAS Midland Helicopters Ltd 0 1 mile from Sligo, County Sligo w/o contains link to final investigation report
10-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N10786 Ocean Helicopters Inc 0 Palm Beach International Airport, West Palm Beach, Florida sub
12-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 BETA II VH-HSW Tinnenburra Pty Ltd 0 Tinnenburra Station, 90 km SW of Cunnamulla, Queensland sub
14-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta JA007J シモイデ車両ߢ 0 Sabaekoizumi Helipad, Koizumi, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture w/o
15-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta G-JERS Scotia Helicopters Ltd 0 Cumbernauld Airport, North Lanarkshire w/o contains link to final investigation report
16-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-H** Private 0 Otangaroa Road in Kaeo, Northland sub
18-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 PR-RCE Cajamar, SP unk contains link to final investigation report
20-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N83509 Nassau Helicopters Inc 0 Indian Fields Elementary School, Ridge Road, Dayton, New Jersey sub
25-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 PT-HRL Osasco, SP unk contains link to final investigation report
26-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 PT-YTL Goiânia, GO unk contains link to final investigation report
27-JUL-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-YOL Jenyns Pastoral Pty. Ltd. 1 14 km north west of Fitzroy Crossing Township, WA w/o
06-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 Beta B77001 Lin Tai Chaun 0 Chiayi County sub
08-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N8332T Inland Helicopters, Inc 0 Deer Park Municipal Airport, Deer Park, Spokane County, Washington sub
11-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N62JF Airtrade Aviation Corp 0 Malinda Lane/Kel Avenue, Titusville, Brevard County, Florida sub
22-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 BETA PT-HVX Rio de Janeiro, RJ unk contains link to final investigation report
26-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II D-HHSA Heliseven GmbH 0 Hotel Weißer Bär (White Bear Hotel), Mülheim an der Mosel sub
30-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N169CW Bering Pacific Ranches Ltd 0 Chernofski Harbour, approx. 60 miles SW of Unalaska, Alaska sub
31-AUG-2011 Robinson R22 BETA PR-RGB Tijucas do Sul, PR unk contains link to final investigation report
03-SEP-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N7197W Razor Blades Helicopter Inc 0 St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport, St. Petersburg, FLA sub
24-SEP-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N3070S private 0 Converse County Airport, Douglas, Wyoming sub
29-SEP-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-RTB Better Helicopters Pty. Ltd. 0 43 km ESE of Maningrida, Northern Territory sub
04-OCT-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N4170M MN Helicopters Inc 0 Range Regional Airport, 5 miles SE of Hibbing, Minnesota sub
11-OCT-2011 Robinson R22 Beta PT-YEC Goldenfly Aviation Escola de Aviação Civil 0 Tietê Ecological Park, Eastern zone of São Paulo sub contains link to final investigation report
05-NOV-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N413RM Ocean Helicopters Inc 0 Floral Avenue and 33rd Street, Northwood, West Palm Beach, Florida sub
07-NOV-2011 Robinson R22 Beta VH-CME Private 0 Millungera Station, 93 km North of Julia Creek, Queensland sub
27-NOV-2011 Robinson R22 BETA II VH-RKN Top End Mustering Pty Ltd 0 28km NE of El Questro, WA sub
28-NOV-2011 Robinson R22 Beta C-GVAR Great Lakes Helicopter Corp. 1 Kitchener/Waterloo Airport,Waterloo, Woolwich, Ontario w/o
07-DEC-2011 Robinson R22 Beta N817AB Mauna Loa Helicopters 0 Near Kunia, Waipahu, West Oahu, Hawaii sub
14-DEC-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II N4052G Double Eagle Aviation 0 about 1.5 miles SW of Tucson International Airport, Tucson, Arizona sub
22-DEC-2011 Robinson R22 BETA VH-LNC Private 0 Caloundra Airport, Caloundra, Queensland sub
23-DEC-2011 Robinson R22 Beta II ZS-RNZ 43 Air School 0 Purdon Farm, 30 km East of Port Alfred Aerodrome, Port Alfred w/o
03-JAN-2012 Robinson R22 Beta II VH-FHR Foxling Pty. Ltd. 0 Dutton River, 45 km ENE of Richmond Airport, Queensland w/o contains link to final investigation report
06-JAN-2012 Robinson R22 Beta G-CHZN Polar Helicopters Ltd 1 Lancaster Way, 2 miles SW of Ely, Cambridgeshire w/o contains link to final investigation report
06-JAN-2012 Robinson R22 Beta N8066U Bayphoto Helicopter LLC 0 Albert Whitted Airport, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida sub
10-JAN-2012 Robinson R22 Beta II D-HHTA Heli Transair 0 Egelsbach (EDFE) (Hessen) sub contains link to final investigation report

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